Thursday, May 13, 2010

Keona’s Offertory and My Not-So-Sweet Little Bird

Keona’s first offertory.

(Sorry for the really shaky part- I was trying to pass the offertory plate! :)


I’m so proud of her! When she told me that she had butterflies in her stomach, I told her that I could completely relate… That's how I feel every time I think about the workshop that I’m doing at the Ladies’ Retreat in a few weeks! Ahhhh!


In other news, my sweet cuddly little bird, has turned into a psychotic, biting, little monster! The other day, I went up to the cage and said, “Hi Toad,” and made some kissy sounds. (which apparently they are supposed to like) Well, he put his wings up, and ran at me full speed, while squawking, and bit the side of the cage where my face was as hard as he could! At first, he would just nibble on us a bit when we were holding him- but he tried to take a chunk of flesh out of my hand the other day! Ugh… I’m really hoping this passes, and is just a baby bird thing. Scott claimed that the bird just didn’t like me. I argued with him, but yesterday, Scott took him out without getting bit once! When he stepped up onto my finger from Scott’s- he immediately eyed the soft skin between my thumb and fore finger. (Which is what he did before biting it earlier) I yelled for Scott to take him back. He laughed at me and took the bird back, which then sat contently on his finger for several more minutes. The irony…


The cats, are not so impressed with the bird. They don’t try to get it or anything. They’re just sort of snubbing us. Miss. Vicki leaves the room when we’re holding the bird, and Flare just pretends not to hear us all the time nowDSC_0072

I’m going to go and talk to my bird now. Hopefully he doesn’t try to attack me through the bars again…


  1. Nana said...WOW!!!! Keona you did a beautiful job. I am listening to it over and over. I love it.

    I can't wait to meet Toad.

  2. Great job Keona! Jac, I'm totally coming to your workshop at Ladies Retreat :). Have a great day!

  3. Keona played fantastically! It's funny actually... "God is so Good" is the song I taught my step-daughter for her first offertory! Great minds think alike. ;)

  4. Great job, Keona!

    As for birds, I heard they don't make the best of pets. But I'm not a big inside animal person-- even though we currently have 2 hamsters and 1 fish inside. Outside, we have 2 dogs and a neighbor's horse.

  5. nice post. thanks.


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