Friday, May 7, 2010

I don’t know why I’m still up…

…but I am!


I just washed and styled my hair for the first time since having it coloured and cut- and I’m loving it! I have never been so happy with a hairstylist in my life! Jess is the best! :) I also just bought a new flat iron, since another one bit the dust. Well actually, I believe a child dropped (or threw) it down the stairs, and so it kinda cracked. Just a bit… But another completely random recommendation- The GVC flat iron at Sally’s Beauty Supply. I got it on sale for $77 something… and it came with a free mini one! And they’re both pink! I’ll have to share pictures tomorrow. Definitely my new favourite hair appliance. Next to my CHI blow dryer. Which one time, when Jeddy was Ella's age- I asked him to put it away for me (in the bathroom cupboard where it always went) and all of a sudden I heard the toilet flush and I went running! He had plopped my brand new $200 ... very pricey blow dryer, in the toilet! Thankfully, since he had flushed the toilet first- I grabbed it before it even got wet.


Well, that was a completely random story…


Wanna hear another? I thought so! ;)


So last night, I had this crazy dream where Scott wanted to bring home a refrigerator size chunk of quartz. But we couldn’t lift it, so he climbed on top of it, spun around like the Tasmanian devil, flew off of it, and proclaimed that it was actually ice. I woke myself up laughing. I laughed almost as hard as the time I dreamt that he got squished by a giant water bottle filled with pop. Think squished, like Mario squishes the little goombas squished… For some reason I only laugh in my sleep when Scott gets hurt.


On to other news… Keona passed her practice piano exam! Here she is, running up to the van while yelling, “I passed!”


Not the best shot… but hey, it was really windy. And sunny….

I am incredibly impressed by her piano teacher. She has Keona so motivated, that when I got up at 7am the other morning, I could hear Keona practicing on the keyboard in the basement. Now she’s preparing for the real exam. And her recital, where Eve will also be doing a violin performance.


And tomorrow…tomorrow is my baby’s 2nd birthday party. Not such a “baby” anymore…


P.S. Check out my engagement photo shoot from the weekend. I’m still jealous of their dog! :)


  1. Nana said...Wow!!! Good for you Keona. I hope mom videos the recital.....hint, hint :)

    Also....Jackie, I think you and Scott play too many videos games; you are both so competitive. You must have those dreams because you win sooo much. Tell Scott to just give up :P

  2. I have to agree that Keona's piano teacher is AWESOME! She's the best one I ever had too! I'll be praying that her exam goes well :).

  3. Congrats Keona! That is very exciting!

    Your dreams crack me up. And are a lot more fun and wacky than the irritating dreams that I always have.


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