Tuesday, May 25, 2010



Charity playing catch- with a hardball!!!


Forgive me for my uninspired photo.


That’s my girl! She can throw like a boy. Seriously… She would kick some serious butt in a 7 year old girl’s league! The 4 girls spent all morning playing catch and taking turns hitting the tennis ball, so we decided to try out the hard ball. (I’m pretty sure I was about their age when I was playing with a soft ball) I remember bending down to tie my shoe lace once when my partner threw the ball at me anyways, and I took it right off the cheek. For about a week I had the stitches from the seam of the ball imprinted on my face. Thankfully, no such casualties here. Yet… Charity did get a pop up in the head. But she laughed it off!


So Scott and I have decided to train our very own baseball team. I’m teaching them all the skills, while he teaches them how to trash talk… Just kidding. (That’s for making me pitch to you for 35 hits, and then not even giving me a turn to bat, hun! Love you!;) Anywho, Scott and I were both pitchers in our school days, so naturally, we taught them to pitch first. Now, we’re working on catching. They all seem to be able to crank the ball pretty well.

Practice, practice, practice!


And as my coach used to say, “No blood? No bones? Back out on the field!”


This should be fun. I love that they’re getting older! :)


Oh, and Happy Victoria Day!

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