Sunday, May 23, 2010


columbines copy

My Columbines


I was thrilled to see my Columbines coming up this year. I planted them from seed last year, and they really never took. My neighbour was certain that they were all going to die… But they not only survived, they are huge!


I spent today home sick. I woke up with a wicked head cold and a serious headache. I got up, started to get ready, and was sitting there putting makeup on, when I couldn’t keep my eyes open, the room was spinning, and Scott told me to go back to bed. He took most of the kids to church with him, while I stayed home with the ones who were coughing. It did not feel like a Sunday at all… On the bright side, we got to watch FaithWay on live stream! Not the same as being there, but it was still nice. :)

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