Saturday, May 22, 2010



My girls (and Ashley) with Krista Marasco- missionary to Hawaii


We attended our first Gospel Light Ladies’ Meeting as members this Saturday! I got to spend the morning soul winning with Krista Marasco, and then we had the meeting that evening. The meeting to which I brought the salads that I was talking about on facebook. I will post the recipes at some point. Probably next week! Krista was the speaker at our meeting and as her outline, she did an acrostic of the word “Aloha.” So, I figured that I could atleast share that part!


Always rejoice

Let go of bitterness

Offer praises to God

Have a quiet time

Ask “Is it lovely?”


It was a huge blessing to me, and her personal testimonies made it that much better.

Thank you, Krista!

You’ll be in my prayers.

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