Tuesday, May 18, 2010


DSC_0354  My futile attempt at a picture of all the kids…


A few weeks ago, at a family lunch, someone asked us for an 8x10 picture of all of our kids. My response, “Yeah, I’d really like a picture of all my kids too… when I get one, I’ll let you know!” For some unknown reason, I decided to make an attempt tonight. The girls all have new sundresses- thanks to Old Navy’s amazing sale! The boys have nice new shirts, thanks to- well, actually they weren’t on sale… but they are super cute! And the weather was gorgeous today- so out we went! Ella was less than cooperative, to say the least. When I told her to smile, she cried. When I asked her to come here, she ran the other way. When any of the kids tried to hold her still, she screamed at them. Oh yes, it was a grand time! I did manage to get one or two of all of them. I will share those tomorrow! :)


Now I’m going to practice a new piano song, finish writing my thing for the ladies’ retreat, figure out a verse and lesson for the children’s choir, crochet a few hats, and get a CD from a recent photo session ready to mail! Life is good. I’m so thankful for all my kids that I have to wrangle together for a photo! Even if I do get a bit frustrated in the moment. I have a feeling that it’s these ones that I’ll enjoy looking back on the most…


  1. your babies are all BEAUTIFUL ... i love this picture ...

  2. I really like this pic up there! It is a slice of REAL life. :)


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