Sunday, May 16, 2010



Hiding behind her blankie


I was taking pictures of the Sunday School kids in the 2-4 class, (which Ella is now in!) and everyone cooperated, except for Ella. She decided to hide behind her blanket. She still isn’t too sure of our new church. When we went to FaithWay last Wednesday for Keona’s offertory, Ella yelled, “Yay! Church!” as we pulled into the parking lot. Way to make me feel horrible! :( Then, she ran into the nursery and said, “Bye Mom!” This, versus… Ella screaming “Mommy!” while trying to grab everything she can on her way into the new nursery. Then, she screams for me another half an hour, until she eventually cries herself to sleep. I have a feeling that we have a major drama queen on our hands here. This past Sunday was a slight improvement. She only cried until Jessica offered her some cheerios, when I put her in on Sunday night… :)


  1. Oh my.. and so many ladies were saying to me Sunday at church how they miss Arabella in the nursery!

  2. This too shall pass, right?

    Change is hard but there's nothing better than being where God wants you to be!


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