Monday, May 31, 2010


DSC_0636 My little man


“This is the last one, Mom!” Is exactly what I was told before I snapped this picture and he took off running.


“Thanks for being so…. cooperative, son!”

Sunday, May 30, 2010





Scott stopped at the side of the road on the way home from church for me to take a picture of the sunset. The other two kids were passed out in the back of the van. I want to do some fun silhouette shots sometime soon. I keep planning (in my mind) to take the kids to Sunrise Park one morning. But for some reason, sunrise pictures never seem very important at 5am….


Maybe I’ll just have to shoot for another sunset.

Saturday, May 29, 2010



A big “smooch”


What can I say? Scott was happy to have me home after I had spent two days at the Ladies’ Retreat! I was incredibly relieved to have finished my workshop as well! I will definitely share more about the Ladies’ Retreat this week! :)

Friday, May 28, 2010


DSC_0583 Jed’s “big, fat toad”


Yesterday, Jeddy kept telling us that he saw a “big fat toad leg” under the corner of the window well, but all he brought out was his little toad. Elijah told him to stop lying… I told Elijah not to call his brother a liar, but secretly, I didn’t really believe him either.


Sure enough, when he asked to go outside first thing this morning- his big, fat toad was sitting there waiting for him. I think the boys flooded him out when they left the hose running ALL night!

Thursday, May 27, 2010





When I was walking behind Keona out to the van, I just had to take a picture. This photo, defines her.

I love it.

Pink polka-dot skirt, butterfly t-shirt, a book in hand, and her baseball glove.

Oh, and the flip flops.

This picture makes me smile.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Picture this. With an afro…

Today, I…

- Was woken up at 6:30am by the boys having car races in the upstairs hallway.

- Came downstairs to a tea that my kids had made for me.

- Made Scott breakfast in bed. Except that while I was doing a balancing act of carrying his breakfast, coffee, and my tea up the stairs, I had Jeddy come running down the stairs at top speed to tell me Dad was already in the shower.

- Put Scott’s breakfast in the microwave to stay warm.

-Was invited out to church by a very nice Jehovah’s Witness lady.

-Took Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and grapefruit seed extract.

-Asked God to restore my voice to normal before the weekend.

- Broke up a karate match in my living room.

-Finished the last 2 lessons of school with the kids.

- Went shopping for a new shirt. For the second day in a row…

- Bought a set of bracelets to go with the shirt.

- Came home and realized that I have no idea how to wear said bracelets. Tried on a few, and had Eve tell me that I was wearing too many and “trying to look too pretty.”

-Was then told by Keona that “Maybe bracelets just don’t suit me…”

- Did several loads of laundry.

- Made 10 PB & J sandwiches

-Practiced a song for the Father’s Day service with the girls.

- Polled my daughters for fashion advice. They said to go with the white…

- Took the kids to the park.

-Dropped Keona off at piano lessons.

- Took the rest of the kids back to the park.

- Ran through the mist thingy with them to cool off.

- Served leftovers for dinner.

- Got the kids ready and left for church. We ate ice pops on the drive there.

- Listened to Ella scream as I dropped her off in the nursery.

- Watched the kids play in the park after church.

- Drove home.

- Got everyone in bed.

- Spoke to my hubby on the phone.

- Ate a bowl of rice.

- Went through the flyers in the newspaper.

- Allowed my boys to come back downstairs because they “forgot to hug and kiss me”…

- Read my Bible.

- Took more vitamin C and Vitamin D.

- Had a shower.

- And now I am blogging. And I feel how Jeddy looks in this photo….

DSC_0557 Except that I’m too tired to straighten my hair. So, picture this- with a giant afro.

And THAT was my day.

Aren’t you glad I shared??? ;)


Now hopefully I can add…

- Went to bed and had sweet dreams.

- Slept in until 10am.

I would settle for 8 or 9…. :P



On the way home from the park…


Don’t worry. We weren’t quite “on the way home” yet. I don’t take pictures while driving. :)

I still can’t believe how quickly it got SO hot! The car read 38 degrees, and the weather channel said that it hit 44 with the humidity! The kids were all red-faced and dripping sweat after half an hour in the park. Poor Ella, asked to go home. I think it was a bit too much heat for her!

The Many Faces of Robbie

He definitely wasn’t serious while I was trying to take a few pictures of him and Sarah yesterday…


He was being just like any other boy, who decides to try and ruin the picture in whatever way he can…

At first, Sarah didn’t know why I was laughing.

But eventually, she figured it out!


Soon after this shot, she tried to take him down on the side of the road. Have I ever mention how violent my family can be? All in good fun of course! :) But side of the road, family BBQ, church parking lot…. we’ll they’ll drop the gloves and go at it.


I walked away, pretending I didn’t know them…

This one time, my sister bit a hole in my shirt! BIT a hole!

So savage…


Anyhow, he continued on with the faces and I warned him that I would blog them. Apparently he didn’t care. So here you go!

robbie collage

And he did cooperate for one picture with Sarah…


Notice his gigantic shoes??? This 10 year old has bigger feet than I do! And I have monstrous size 10s…

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


DSC_0544 copy

My handsome (and serious) little brother


For most of you, this is how you’re used to seeing Robbie. Correct? He has always been extremely serious. From the time he was a toddler! I remember being in a Walmart Photo studio when he was 2 and having to embarrass myself by singing “Cold spaghetti, cold spaghetti! Spaghetti! Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti! Doo wiggy-wiggy-wiggy! Doo-wiggy-wiggy-wiggy!”  (I feel for you if you recognize that song) But picture that, hand motions and all, just to get him to crack the tiniest of smirks.


Well, do I have a surprise for you! Just wait until you see the OTHER pictures I got of Robbie today…  Oh boy!



Charity playing catch- with a hardball!!!


Forgive me for my uninspired photo.


That’s my girl! She can throw like a boy. Seriously… She would kick some serious butt in a 7 year old girl’s league! The 4 girls spent all morning playing catch and taking turns hitting the tennis ball, so we decided to try out the hard ball. (I’m pretty sure I was about their age when I was playing with a soft ball) I remember bending down to tie my shoe lace once when my partner threw the ball at me anyways, and I took it right off the cheek. For about a week I had the stitches from the seam of the ball imprinted on my face. Thankfully, no such casualties here. Yet… Charity did get a pop up in the head. But she laughed it off!


So Scott and I have decided to train our very own baseball team. I’m teaching them all the skills, while he teaches them how to trash talk… Just kidding. (That’s for making me pitch to you for 35 hits, and then not even giving me a turn to bat, hun! Love you!;) Anywho, Scott and I were both pitchers in our school days, so naturally, we taught them to pitch first. Now, we’re working on catching. They all seem to be able to crank the ball pretty well.

Practice, practice, practice!


And as my coach used to say, “No blood? No bones? Back out on the field!”


This should be fun. I love that they’re getting older! :)


Oh, and Happy Victoria Day!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


columbines copy

My Columbines


I was thrilled to see my Columbines coming up this year. I planted them from seed last year, and they really never took. My neighbour was certain that they were all going to die… But they not only survived, they are huge!


I spent today home sick. I woke up with a wicked head cold and a serious headache. I got up, started to get ready, and was sitting there putting makeup on, when I couldn’t keep my eyes open, the room was spinning, and Scott told me to go back to bed. He took most of the kids to church with him, while I stayed home with the ones who were coughing. It did not feel like a Sunday at all… On the bright side, we got to watch FaithWay on live stream! Not the same as being there, but it was still nice. :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010



My girls (and Ashley) with Krista Marasco- missionary to Hawaii


We attended our first Gospel Light Ladies’ Meeting as members this Saturday! I got to spend the morning soul winning with Krista Marasco, and then we had the meeting that evening. The meeting to which I brought the salads that I was talking about on facebook. I will post the recipes at some point. Probably next week! Krista was the speaker at our meeting and as her outline, she did an acrostic of the word “Aloha.” So, I figured that I could atleast share that part!


Always rejoice

Let go of bitterness

Offer praises to God

Have a quiet time

Ask “Is it lovely?”


It was a huge blessing to me, and her personal testimonies made it that much better.

Thank you, Krista!

You’ll be in my prayers.

Friday, May 21, 2010



Keona and her best friend Somiya


Somiya is a very willing model. In fact, this picture was her idea! Keona on the other hand, was moaning and groaning about me asking to take their picture. Somiya looked at her and said, “I think you really do like to get your picture taken, and you just pretend that you don’t.”


I agree with Somiya 100%…

Yes, They are ALL mine

The kids were bugging to go out the other night, so I decided that we’d go for a walk. Then, I decided we’d go for a walk at Lynde Shores. Then, I thought it would be nice to get some pictures while we were there. Then, I decided that I wanted to get a group picture while we were there. Then, I made them all change into nice outfits, and I did everyone’s hair, and an hour later, when they would have been happy riding bikes out front- we were at Lynde Shores trying to get a group shot.


I got this one…

DSC_0299 copy

With Ella scowling at me.


And this one…


Of everyone up in the tree, worried that they were going to fall out.

I got pictures of them blowing “wishes”….

Keona wish flower

Ella didn’t quite get it. She kept pulling all the seeds off and throwing them.


The light was so gorgeous in this spot, at this time.

I want to go back!


I have pictures of the other girls blowing wishes as well, but am saving them for my new header! Yep, I haven’t forgotten that my header is still winter pictures! :)


I love taking my kids out. The stares and questions that I get, don’t bother me anymore. Hearing, “They aren’t ALL your kids- are they!?” is now expected and accepted. I proudly told the older lady at the post office, “Yes ma’am, they are ALL mine!” The, she proceeded to tell me that Cheaper By the Dozen is her favourite movie. Funny how everyone brings up Cheaper By the Dozen, the Duggars, or Jon & Kate, to make conversation with us. I couldn't be more proud of ALL my kids that God has blessed us with. Other than maybe the time where Keona was dragging Jed across Old Navy by the collar while he was screaming and swinging at her… Then maybe, just for a moment, I wanted to pretend that they weren’t ALL mine. Just the well behaved ones standing beside me at the cash...

I have no idea who those ones belong to…


I saved my favourite for last…


Ella isn’t looking, but whatever. It wasn’t the shot I planned, or envisioned, but whatever.

And I wonder where my kids get the “whatever” from.



I love their smiling faces.


Now I just have to book a whole family shoot.

For ALL of us!

Thursday, May 20, 2010



El, enjoying her ice cream.


She would never really smile at the camera like that…. I just happened to be sitting on the ground between her and the door that my mom was walking out of. FYI- she was smiling at Grandma. Not the camera.


I just could not pass up the ice cream shop flavours that were on sale today at Superstore! Tiger Tail, Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum! Brought back so many fun childhood memories of Murphy’s ice cream parlour in Mississauga, and me begging my Mom to order me a triple scoop of “Blue Jays Way.” Which I’m pretty sure I made myself sick eating, just to prove that I could finish it…

Wednesday, May 19, 2010



Eve with “Toad”


I am happy to let you know that I have my sweet, cuddly, little bird back! This may sound silly, but I had prayed for a nice bird when we went to pick him out. I wanted a friendly one, and one that wouldn’t bite, or hide from us. So, in my lack of faith, I let it upset me when he started biting. Thankfully, he is now not only sweet, but super hyper and friendly! When we come in the room, he runs back and forth in front of his door squawking, wanting out. When we open the door he runs out and jumps onto our hand! Oh, and he loves having his neck scratched! :) Today, I’m thanking the Lord for Toad.


I know I said that I’d post pictures of the kids today, but I just now (at midnight) finished typing out my workshop lesson. It has been a long day, and I’m ready for bed! Tomorrow, it is!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


DSC_0354  My futile attempt at a picture of all the kids…


A few weeks ago, at a family lunch, someone asked us for an 8x10 picture of all of our kids. My response, “Yeah, I’d really like a picture of all my kids too… when I get one, I’ll let you know!” For some unknown reason, I decided to make an attempt tonight. The girls all have new sundresses- thanks to Old Navy’s amazing sale! The boys have nice new shirts, thanks to- well, actually they weren’t on sale… but they are super cute! And the weather was gorgeous today- so out we went! Ella was less than cooperative, to say the least. When I told her to smile, she cried. When I asked her to come here, she ran the other way. When any of the kids tried to hold her still, she screamed at them. Oh yes, it was a grand time! I did manage to get one or two of all of them. I will share those tomorrow! :)


Now I’m going to practice a new piano song, finish writing my thing for the ladies’ retreat, figure out a verse and lesson for the children’s choir, crochet a few hats, and get a CD from a recent photo session ready to mail! Life is good. I’m so thankful for all my kids that I have to wrangle together for a photo! Even if I do get a bit frustrated in the moment. I have a feeling that it’s these ones that I’ll enjoy looking back on the most…

We call him Jeddy…

He likes to eat broccoli…


In fact, he eats it like it’s candy.


Ella tries it, but then realizes that she doesn’t like it quite as much. So she tries to feed her big brother.


He has dimples, and big brown eyes- and he knows how to use them…

DSC_0194 copy

He likes his big brother.


Most of the time.


He threatens his Mom with a sword when she refuses to let him drive.


But then admits that he “would never really hurt her.”


He loves her kisses waaaay too much!

Monday, May 17, 2010



“From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD’s name is to be praised.” – Psalm 113:3


I have so many things to praise the Lord for each day. Today, I’m praising God for my husband’s job, and benefits, which allowed me to have a root canal done today to fix my tooth. A root canal is not something that I’d normally be thankful for, but considering the alternative- I’m reminded to praise Him!

Sunday, May 16, 2010



Hiding behind her blankie


I was taking pictures of the Sunday School kids in the 2-4 class, (which Ella is now in!) and everyone cooperated, except for Ella. She decided to hide behind her blanket. She still isn’t too sure of our new church. When we went to FaithWay last Wednesday for Keona’s offertory, Ella yelled, “Yay! Church!” as we pulled into the parking lot. Way to make me feel horrible! :( Then, she ran into the nursery and said, “Bye Mom!” This, versus… Ella screaming “Mommy!” while trying to grab everything she can on her way into the new nursery. Then, she screams for me another half an hour, until she eventually cries herself to sleep. I have a feeling that we have a major drama queen on our hands here. This past Sunday was a slight improvement. She only cried until Jessica offered her some cheerios, when I put her in on Sunday night… :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010



Chai tea latte and a cinnamon dolce latte…. Mmmmmm!


Oh, how I love date nights!

An older couple from our new church, hosted a couples’ dinner at their home on Saturday night. We all go the chance to sit around and discuss politics, religion, vaccinations, and all sorts of other fun things! ;) It has been great getting to know everyone a little bit better. God is good! Even if I did spend the morning at the dentist’s office, getting prescriptions for Amoxicillin, Ibuprofen, and Tylenol 3. Definitely not a fan of the Tylenol 3… Everything was moving in slow motion- until Eve threw  my cell phone to me. The flying cell phone moved quite a bit quicker than my reaction time…

Friday, May 14, 2010


DSC_0229 Daddy’s girl


Charity was born first, even though she spent the entire pregnancy as baby “B.”

I truly believe she should have been the middle triplet. She has all the characteristics of a middle child. While Eve (Baby “A”) who was born second, should really be the oldest. She is by far the more bossy assertive one, who gladly takes on the leadership role. But being the attention craver that she is, naturally, she has always been “Daddy’s girl.” From the time she was 6 months old, and refused to eat for anyone except Scott- to her claiming that she likes hockey and every other sport, just to cuddle up in his chair and watch a game with him. She loves having HIS full attention.

Thursday, May 13, 2010



Keona, outside in the wind and rain while we were waiting at Eve’s violin lesson.


Her only request, “I don’t want to sit down on the cold, wet ground!”

As if I would actually ask you to do that just for a picture!

Keona’s Offertory and My Not-So-Sweet Little Bird

Keona’s first offertory.

(Sorry for the really shaky part- I was trying to pass the offertory plate! :)


I’m so proud of her! When she told me that she had butterflies in her stomach, I told her that I could completely relate… That's how I feel every time I think about the workshop that I’m doing at the Ladies’ Retreat in a few weeks! Ahhhh!


In other news, my sweet cuddly little bird, has turned into a psychotic, biting, little monster! The other day, I went up to the cage and said, “Hi Toad,” and made some kissy sounds. (which apparently they are supposed to like) Well, he put his wings up, and ran at me full speed, while squawking, and bit the side of the cage where my face was as hard as he could! At first, he would just nibble on us a bit when we were holding him- but he tried to take a chunk of flesh out of my hand the other day! Ugh… I’m really hoping this passes, and is just a baby bird thing. Scott claimed that the bird just didn’t like me. I argued with him, but yesterday, Scott took him out without getting bit once! When he stepped up onto my finger from Scott’s- he immediately eyed the soft skin between my thumb and fore finger. (Which is what he did before biting it earlier) I yelled for Scott to take him back. He laughed at me and took the bird back, which then sat contently on his finger for several more minutes. The irony…


The cats, are not so impressed with the bird. They don’t try to get it or anything. They’re just sort of snubbing us. Miss. Vicki leaves the room when we’re holding the bird, and Flare just pretends not to hear us all the time nowDSC_0072

I’m going to go and talk to my bird now. Hopefully he doesn’t try to attack me through the bars again…

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



Waving to their friends through Grandma’s sunroof after church last night


Notice who the driver is? haha

Aunt Gail’s Party and My new Slap Chop

Just a few pictures from Aunt Gail’s surprise birthday party this weekend…


The birthday girl and her husband


The whole table (almost!)





The kids got to “make their own meals.” Everyone ordered pizza and fries, or burgers and fries, except for Keona- who ordered pizza and steamed veggies! That’s my girl!

Although I don’t think that any of the kids were too impressed with me when I vetoed their requests for dessert and ordered them all a fruit cup…



Oh, and my newest gift from Scott…


I tried to get him to hold the box up and make the same face as the guy in the picture. He didn’t cooperate…

And just incase anyone is wondering… it chops up onions just as well as it shows on TV!

No more tears in this house. :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010



Ella loves playtime with Uncle Robbie!

Happy (belated) Birthday Ella!

I was looking forward to taking all of these cute pictures of Ella, in her birthday outfit, and her cute little curls, for a 2nd birthday post… but then it rained all day, and she refused to smile for the camera. And, well… things didn’t go as planned. They rarely do.


She wasn’t too overly excited about all of her presents.


Or her cake.



In fact, she refused to blow out the candles.


Her brothers were only too pleased to be of assistance.


Atleast she enjoyed eating her cake!




She got some new rings from Aunty Sarah, and insists on wearing ALL of them at once.


Then she laughed with Papa.


And cuddled with Daddy.


  Happy Birthday, to my adorable, strong-willed, little 2 year old.



We love you Arabella!


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