Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekend Review

Saturday morning, I took my Mom out to get her hair done for her birthday. It was quite fun. We don’t very often get to spend time together without 8 kids interrupting our conversations.

mom's hair Jessica, did an amazing job! Mom’s hair looked amazing for our night out on the town!

Sorta… We planned on going to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory, but there was an hour wait, and we were all starving. So we had a quick change of plans, and headed out to St. Hubert’s. Only it isn’t called St. Hubert’s anymore. Now it’s “The Q.” Either way- same delicious cheese sticks, and chicken!

DSC_0191 We laughed alot. Mostly about kids and husbands. It was a fun evening.


Earlier that day, we had gone to the senior’s home and learned that one of our most faithful seniors had passed away.


Mary had been such a blessing to us. The girls adored her, and she adored our children. I remember how she always asked me to hold Ella when she was just a baby, and I was always terrified that Ella would scratch or pinch her. Last month while we were there, Ella gave her a hug and kiss for the first time… Charity cried when she went to ask a worker where Mary was and  learned of her passing. We’ll miss her!


Sunday, was our last official day at Faithway, and our first day at Gospel Light. I posted a picture on the 3665 but I had to share another one… It was cold and windy out while we were taking pictures, and I suppose after the 10th one or so, Elijah started to feel it a bit…

DSC_0207 copy This kid makes me laugh…


Yesterday, we had a fun-filled day of schooling, and then we went outside for some fresh air.

Our neighbour Georgina, was teaching Eve how to garden. She’s going back to Romania for the summer, and I’m already wondering how my garden will survive without her!


DSC_0229 copy DSC_0219 copy

I forgot to mention how we also went for a car wash on Sunday. Remember Ella in the carwash last year???

DSC_00703 She’s still terrified. As our van started to roll in, she yelled, “Hand!!!!!!!”

She grabbed both of her brother’s hands, and held on for dear life.


Every time they tried to let go, she started screaming. Must be nice to have two older brothers to look out for you! :)


Today, we went to the zoo, Elijah spun around with my cat and made it walk into walls, we had 3 skinned knees, and there are only 3 days left of school!!!


But this post is getting long, so I will continue tomorrow.


  1. Change can be hard sometimes, but when God is in it, watch out for some BIG blessings.

    I'm sorry about your friend Mary's passing. Heaven becomes more real when you have someone waiting for you there. I think it is wonderful that you are cultivating a tender heart for the elderly in your children.

    And the car wash pictures? Hilarious! Although knowing she is truly terrified makes me feel like a bad person for laughing. :) Glad she has her big brothers there to protect her!

  2. I have to comment on Ella holding her brothers hands That is the cutest thing ever. Holding both hands tightly......your family is the best.


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