Thursday, April 29, 2010

I dare you…

Since we were done school early today, we decided to venture out to Lynde Shores. Unfortunately, there weren’t many birds around at that time of day and the Blue Jays that were there, wanted nothing to do with me.


(I may be slightly obsessed… I had a dream the other night, about a Blue Jay sitting on our fridge playing peek-a-boo with me around the corner.)


We walked around. The kids fed some chipmunks.


Jed found a toad. Jed always finds a toad.



Then, we saw a fox! It came out into the open, jumped at some birds, and then walked back into the woods. I would have taken a picture, except that I was too busy chasing after Jeddy, who was chasing after the fox because he “wants to see it!” Seriously…. will somebody teach this kid that you don’t CHASE foxes. Keona grabbed a big stick “just incase” and I decided not to go any farther on the trail. (I saw a fox that came pretty close the other day while I was there for a photo shoot!)


The kids were content to go back and play on the climbing tree. They found some logs, and tried to make a ladder and platform.


Only one of them fell out…


“Do NOT pick those!!!!”

(Me to Jed, who wanted to pick me the pretty flower….”)


By this time, I was hungry, it was past dinner time, and I wanted to go home. With our remaining 15 minutes of parking time, we went out on the pier to see the swans and geese.


I warned the kids not to poke at the geese.


Then, I dared them to feed the geese.

I bribed them with cookies…


Am I a horrible mother for finding this highly entertaining? And quite hilarious???

(Don’t worry… no children (or geese!) were harmed in the making of this blog post.)


Keona was a chicken. haha (She’s sitting here watching me type;) She kept throwing the peanuts at the geese when they got close. She did get bit. Three times to be exact. (She’s repeating this beside me, over and over again…)

And that was our adventure for today!


Notice Charity in the background? She kinda had to go to the bathroom…


  1. fed your kids fingers to the geese!!!!!(and all it took was a cookie?) Somiya wants to know why i am laughing so loudly{LOVEd it}

  2. Oh my.... biting geese, Jed chasing foxes... what an amazing "field trip"! You are the best home-schooling MOM!


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