Friday, April 30, 2010


I bought some “Miracle Bubbles” on sale at the superstore a few weeks ago, and the kids LOVE them!

   DSC_1224 copy

And these bubbles are seriously amazing!


We watched them float away and land all over our neighbours’ yards.

DSC_1173 copy

An old man was out doing some work on his porch and he was being bombarded with bubbles.

It was a windy day. What can I say…

DSC_1140 copy

Other than, I made the kids put the bubble away for a while. Until the old man went inside.

Best $4.00 I’ve spent in a while.

It kept the kids busy and happy for quite some time.

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  1. When I would get stressed out in college during exams, I would take breaks to blow bubbles. They weren't as big as the ones your kids made, but relaxing to create and watch nonetheless.


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