Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Because he loves to bug me…

Whenever I give him my camera, he just snaps pictures continuously until I get annoyed and take it back from him…

 DSC_0041 copy DSC_0042 copy

DSC_0039 copy DSC_0043

See what I mean!?

He did manage to get one where we were all looking.

Ugh… even Jeddy looks a little bit annoyed. Though that may be because I had just awoken him from his deep-sleeping, drooling state… And my necklace kind of looks like it’s choking me doesn’t it? Scott bought it for me on our anniversary. I love beaded necklaces! I usually only wrap it around twice, but it kept getting tangled when I picked up Ella.

Anyways, I still love him. But now you know why I take all the pictures. :)


A week and half left of college!!!!!!!!!! Those exclamation points don’t really do my excitement justice. Two weeks from now, I will be posting about Scott’s graduation.


Can’t. Wait.


We just finished up our Bible Conference at church last night. It was such a blessing, and challenge to us, as usual. The preaching was hard, the music was soul-stirring, and the spirit was wonderful. It’s always nice to see some old friends again. Now, we’re looking forward to this weekend when we go to join our new church! Still bittersweet. But it’s exciting. It’s always exciting when you know God is working!




Completely off topic, but while the girls were using stickers to make pictures- here’s what Jeddy was doing with them…

 DSC_0739 copy DSC_0740 copy

He walked around like that for quite some time.


And just because he’s so sweet- a picture of my handsome little man..

DSC_1099 copy


  1. at least the ones he takes are in focus! i don't think david would even try.

    YAY for scott's graduation! i can't wait for that post. it is just around the corner.

    your boys are adorable. i would put exclamation points after that but they just wouldn't do them justice. :)

  2. Those outtakes make me laugh! And you are beautiful in every one- Amazing!


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