Wednesday, April 7, 2010



A few years ago, I planted 50 tulip bulbs. That first year, I had 50 gorgeous, bright pink, extra tall tulips. With extra tall tulips, come extra big leaves. I mean BIG. Like taking over my entire garden- big! So when the flowers died, I cut all the leaves at the base. Little did I know, that cutting off the leaves would keep the bulbs from getting the nourishment they needed to bloom again the next year. The next two years, I had giant leaves and not a flower to show for them. Finally last year, my wonderful, green-thumbed neighbour pointed out WHY my tulips had no blooms…



I was pleasantly surprised to see a bloom with every set of gigantic leaves this year. :)


  1. I had no idea! But it totally makes sense.

  2. So are you just supposed to cut down the stem once the flower has stopped blooming for the year? Or not at all?

  3. Apparently, you can snip the flowers at the base of the stem once they bloom to bring inside, or after they begin to wilt outside. I always bring mine in! :)


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