Tuesday, April 6, 2010



For the last month, Elijah has been saving his money. I give him money all the time, but the problem is that as quickly as i give it to him- he gives it away. Usually he brings it to church for the missionaries, or he puts it in the jar of change the kids are saving for the orphanage in the Philippines. I thought about telling him to KEEP some of his money, but really… what would that be teaching him!? Such a selfish way of thinking…

 Let the boy give all of his money away while he can!


All that to say- he finally saved up exactly $1.27 for a medium Tim Horton’s hot chocolate. Which he was extra excited about because it’s still Roll Up the Rim time! Imagine his disappointment, when after a whole month of saving, he gets a “Please play again!”…


Poor guy. All I heard for the next 10 minutes was, “I can’t believe I didn’t win anything. I guess kids never win… “

Better luck next time, bud.


  1. Awww... poor guy. I can imagine his disappointment.

    My boys (8 and 10yo) are still disappointed whenever they don't win the $10,000 from the Trix yogurt!

    They have made a little progress though. This last time they said to each other that "It's probably just a scam. We're not really going to win." And yet they hope secretly in their hearts... Don't we all? ;)

  2. :(
    That's o.k I never win either....you can tell him he has *won* the priviledge of buying another hot chocolate!

  3. Aww God bless him what a good boy he is Jac


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