Wednesday, April 21, 2010



All the kids outside waiting to go into church.


I just snapped this quick while we were waiting outside tonight. I really need some ideas of where/how to pose 7 kids for a picture! Especially since they are so similar in height, I find that someone is always overlapping someone else! Maybe I’ll have to find a nice set of steps somewhere… I have the cutest matching spring outfits just begging for a picture! :)


  1. They are adorable no matter where they are!

    Thinking out loud... bleachers, steps, ladder, giant tree branch, on a fence... not very creative. I'm stumped!

  2. Good idea marsha, Papa says I know where there are stumps, ladders, slides, and swings for Sunday Jac. Pray for sunshine....We know you'll have your camera LOL


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