Wednesday, April 14, 2010



Shot through the screen door.


She was not pleased when I sent her back inside today for not listening.

I tell her to take her coat off- she attempts to button it up.

I say, ‘Come here.’- she goes the opposite direction.

Then, she pretends that she doesn’t hear me.

What she fails to realize, is that I’ve been through this “terrible twos” stage six times before…

and it really doesn’t even faze me anymore. :)


  1. You are so good... poor Grandma would be feeling sorry for her! (but then as Grandma I could do that... just like my Mom would do when you were small and I would get a little annoyed!)

  2. awww... what a sad little face!

    aren't you glad that you learned a few things along the way? i think it's great to be able to just deal with certain behaviors and actions without getting upset over them.


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