Friday, March 5, 2010

“We just wanted to see what would happen…”

So after yesterday, I just really needed to shake things up a bit today. For the sake of my own sanity.


This morning, I woke up to a child standing next to my bed, watching me sleep, waiting for me to wake up. (It still freaks me out when they do this) I opened one eye, while sensing her presence, and quickly tried to shut it again, hoping she hadn’t noticed….


Too late!

“Mom… Mom. Mom! Dad got you a present! It’s on the counter! I told the boys not to touch it…”


We’ve been married almost 10 years, (7 days til our mini-vacation!) and my hubby goes to a 24hr store at 3am to buy me flowers and my favourite chocolate bar, because I had a bad day.


Once Scott was off to school, I told the kids that if they finished up their work by lunch time, I’d take them to the “bird place.”  Thankfully, it was slightly less I-can’t-feel-my-fingertips cold this time, and I we actually enjoyed it a bit more.


The kids were pleasantly surprised to see geese this time.


Lots of them.

Also, slightly petrified from the horror stories I’ve told them of geese chasing Aunty Sarah until she threw down her hotdog bun and Mom had to whisk her away from all of the psychotic, honking, snapping birds.

ducks bw

Of course one of my brilliant children, thought that it would be funny to throw some seeds to the geese.

Just to “see what would happen.”

Poor Jeddy and Ella, were terrified and started crying when we looked back to see 30 geese following and honking at us. I didn’t get a picture of that because I was too busy pushing the stroller away, and trying to figure out which little dummy child threw the seeds to them.


Why do kids do that anyways???

“Why did you feed Ella a peppercorn!?!?”

“We just wanted to see what would happen….”

They KNEW what would happen. That’s WHY they wanted to SEE IT…


We had a few scary-looking ones following us... but no one was injured. :)

I brought lunch for the kids this time.

DSC_0139 copy

(don’t even ask about Ella's hair…)


I fed some birds while I was waiting for them to finish up.

DSC_0125 copy

Keona found a tree to climb.

 keona in tree

About 30 seconds after this picture- Charity fell off of the branch where Keona is sitting. She “hurt her butt” when she landed on the logs below.

We all had a good laugh at her expense.


She wasn’t really hurt! I’m not that mean…


We found a whole tree full of blue jays, saw a red-squirrel, and a woodpecker after this. I promised them we’d go back soon and take the long trail down to Lake Ontario.


And just because- a picture of El.

The first picture of El in a long time, with a real smile!


Maybe she is turning over a new leaf!?

Maybe she’s made peace with the camera!?


Or not…


  1. Little Ella is beautiful, even when she pouts :-) But, oh, what a gorgeous smile!

    Lovely photos, as always!

  2. Love all these pics. :) I'm a picture person.

    Congrats on your award for Blessed Aroma through Internet Cafe Devotions.

    Love your blog.

  3. Oh my.....I adored the pictures you have shared.

    What a blessing of a hubby...

    congrats on being nominated top 100!

  4. Gorgeous - all of them!!!
    Love the smiles and the mischief!

  5. Congrats on your award for Blessed Aroma through Internet Cafe Devotions.
    Your blog is jsut lovely!!!

  6. You have me saying oh my goodness every time I visit your blog!

    Ummm... I would never have noticed her wonky hair without you having pointed it out. :)

    Gorgeous pics. That little bird in your hand is PERFECT too. I wish I was a good bird identifier but I totally stink at it. Looks like a finch or chickadee to me but I'm just guessing.

    So sweet of Scott to get you those pick-me-ups!

  7. Absolutely beautiful. So thrilled to have discovered you through the Blessed Aroma awards. I'm honored to be listed in the same category. Blessings, Patricia of Pollywog Creek


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