Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Skating, Climbing, and Pictures

(As dictated to me by the kids)


On Monday, we went skating. Mom could only get one picture because we weren’t allowed to take pictures in there.


But she did get one before they said so.


Mrs. Brown took us to Guildwood park. And we climbed a few bluffs.


That little dot there is Aislinn. It was about 50 feet up. Prayer slid down on her bum, Charity rolled down, Keona fell and rolled right down the hill. Not from the top. Mrs. Brown lost her lens hood on the cliff.

We also found stairs in the dirt.


Mom took this picture of all of us on this pyramid.  Keona climbed up there once by herself.


Charity splashed muddy water on Prayer’s face.


Robbie and Somiya discovered a little cave in the rocks. Robbie called it the sudden drop of death, which he and Somiya climbed into. Robbie’s shoe got stuck in between two big rocks. ( To which Charity instructed me, that I would have to “move the rock”… Yeah. That could happen.) Mom pulled it out and cut her hand.


Nobody really wanted to do this picture, except Mom and Mrs. Brown. Before this Somiya, Robbie and Keona, were stealing the triplets’ pinecones.


Elijah is hanging by his pants, and Robbie’s Pants are about to rip because they’re stuck on the tree, and he’s like “Oww!”


We tried to get everyone to sit on the tree, but everybody fell down.

DSC_0745 copy

Mom got a cute picture of Aislinn, Eve, and Charity.

ais and girls  What a busy and fun day! We were all covered in mud when we came home. Everyone’s favourite part was climbing the bluffs. We love March break!


Now off to get ready to go to Grandma’s house for dinner. And to get the triplets’ new glasses!


  1. I love it! Beautiful pics - but so glad I wasn't there... the heights are way too much!

  2. Nana said...Wow!!! It looked like you had a lot of fun....I want to go next time :)
    Great Pictures!

  3. aw... I love the pics at the guild - it's a nice place to take pictures!

  4. What a gorgeous and interesting place to visit. Although I don't think I could do that big dropoff-- yikes!

    Kids POV is always good for a few laughs, isn't it?


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