Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Weekend Away

Ok So I kinda lied… one last post about us. Sort of a weekend recap. :)


This was the first time that we’ve gone away together in several years. It was also the longest that we’ve been away from the kids together.


We left Thursday morning when my sister arrived at our place. We went for breakfast at Sunset where we ran into a man from our church who was enjoying breakfast there as well. When we went to pay and leave, the waitress told us that our bill had been taken care of. The man was already gone so we didn’t get to thank him (yet) but it was a blessing.


Then we decided to go shopping. Scott insisted on buying me a new dress for our dinner out that evening. We went to every store in Scarborough Town and found nothing. We hit a few other box stores, and still- nothing.  We went shopping at the Eaton Centre- nothing. So we drove out to Niagara Falls and checked into our hotel. We had enough airmiles to pay for a Best Western stay, so hey- it was free! Free is good. :) After we checked in and drove around a bit, we went shopping again. Of all places, I finally found a dress at Mark’s Work Wearhouse!


We were both pretty hungry at this point, and anxious to go for dinner at the Keg Fallsview. Where I took my new favourite picture of my date…

scott at the keg

All the pictures that he tried to take of me, I was either reaching for the camera to fix the settings or saying something to him as he clicked the shutter… ha! I’m sure we were entertaining to watch anyhow.


Scott wasn’t overly impressed with our Best Western hotel, so on our way out of Embassy Suites Scott asked how much it would be for a night there. To make a long story short, it would have been $125 for another night at the old Best Western, and for $150 we got a “best view suite” on the 22nd floor, with a jacuzzi over looking the falls. So we stayed there the next night!

 DSC_0541 DSC_0540

Our view at night.


We sat by the fireplace and read for a while in the morning. While we ate the fudge we bought. Way too much of the fudge we bought…


We went to Bird Kingdom…


I named this one “Pharaoh.” 




Scott was pretty bummed that the exhibit where you get to feed all the tropical birds was closed…


But I was excited to see all of the reptiles! I didn’t hold any scorpions this time…



And the Butterfly Conservatory…




Thankfully, the rain held out until Saturday.


And we had to say good-bye to our pillow-top king sized bed…

Oh, and I forgot to mention how an old lady must have been tired of following us tourists at the speed limit, and blew around Scott while he was driving. (He is a reformed speeder) She crossed a double yellow line on a busy street to pass him! It was hilarious. I laughed for the next half an hour.


On the way home Saturday, we were debating about where to stop for lunch, when we realized that we were driving right by my grandma’s restaurant. So we popped in and surprised her. I think that she was slightly disappointed that we didn’t have any kids with us! ha…

While we were eating, my grandpa requested some soup for himself…

DSC_0620 copy My grandma refused to look at the camera when I pulled it out.


So I took her picture and threatened to put it on the blog if she didn’t cooperate…

grandma and grandpa

She doesn’t have a computer or internet, so it will probably be months before she knows that I did anyways! :P

My great-grandma, doing dishes in the back…



We had an amazing 10th anniversary.

Thank you, to all of our babysitters! :)


We sat by the fireplace, with our starbucks, chatting, and reminiscing on Friday night.

God has blessed us so much these past 10 years.

We thought about how spoiled we were to spend a night in such an amazing place.

We both commented on how we felt like these past 10 years have sort of only been “prep work” for the next ten.


We are both so excited about this next part of our journey!

DSC_0534 copy I think this mirror made me look really wide… either that or I put on several pounds from all of that starbucks and fudge…. ha…


  1. Its definitely the mirror... don't worry you are NOT WIDE!
    Love you!

  2. Happy Anniversary! So glad you had an amazing trip.

    Wowzers, your grandparents and great grandma look fantastic! What a blessing to spend time together like that!


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