Monday, March 22, 2010

Good News!

Good news is, the tempra has kicked in and Ella’s face is no longer bright red.

Bad news is… well, there really is no bad news!

Unless, you count me having to learn patience all over again, bad news… Kinda bad news. For me…

I get so used to just putting everything out there on this blog, than when something comes along that I can’t blog about- it drives me crazy! Like, almost back to my grade 5 self- going to buy a diary and all…crazy! No diary yet. But let’s just say, we have some decisions to make, and Scott and I are praying about them, and I’m patiently (or not so patiently) waiting to see where the Lord leads.


Last week was fun. SO much fun, that I really didn’t want to start school again today. The thought of cancelling school and just going on a nature walk, did cross my mind. But then it was cold, and windy, and rainy, and so I decided against that idea. The kids were all geared up and ready this morning, other than Ella who insisted on sitting on my lap the entire time. Things went rather smoothly for our first day back.


I was also told recently, that my kids “write like homeschoolers” by someone who shall remain anonymous… What exactly does that mean anyways??? Messy? My kids DO NOT … come to think of it… their writing isn’t the neatest I’ve ever seen. In reality, I was slightly horrified when I saw a note from my daughter’s friend, and she signed it “P.S. my writing is so messy because I’m in the car!” I thought to myself “That’s messy!?!? We have some serious work to do if that’s messy…” So we’ve added a time slot for writing practice in each day. I, am naturally, a perfectionist. I would practice writing neatly just for fun as a child. My sister on the other hand… I can remember erasing all of her homework and making her do it over again because I was embarrassed FOR HER to hand it in that way. I will have to share our progress a few weeks from now. Or not… we’ll see how it goes… :)


And to finish off, something that really made me laugh last week. We were out driving, and I was whistling to the music playing when Keona shouts, “Oh man! I thought that was me whistling!”


Almost as bad as my sister who when we were going to Jamaica, was talking about listening to the radio there when she was bored. My mom said, “Yeah, but you won’t get your radio stations there.” To which Sarah replied, “Well, then I’ll just bring my radio.”


What can I say, it runs in the family…


And just because he’s so cute! A few more pictures of sweet little Carson…

We LOVE him, Meg!

 carson1 copy 



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  1. "I'll bring my radio..."

    bahahahahahaha! Sisters are the greatest!

    My kids don't have the best handwriting. They are always in too much of a hurry. And that's WITH handwriting practice every day. Zoiks.


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