Friday, March 19, 2010

Boy Stories…

Yesterday morning, I came downstairs from waking Scott up to find this…

tea and cookies

It wouldn’t be an unusual sight, except for the fact that it was Elijah who had made my tea!

He had made it “extra sweet” with 5 teaspoons of sugar, and he had even pre-dunked my cookies for me!


Scott makes tea for me pretty much every Saturday morning, and Elijah said that he wanted to be able to make tea for his wife one day.



And that’s my little ham in the background of the picture, he just had to jump in as I took it…


Speaking of my little ham, here is a conversation that we had last weekend…


Jeddy: I want to fly an airplane one day!


Me: Well, there is a school in Markham, near where Nana and Papa live and they will teach you how to fly. One day, when you’re older, maybe we can take you there!


Jeddy: Me already knows how to fly an airplane!


Me: Oh really? So how do you fly an airplane?


Jeddy: You just push all the buttons!


Me: What if you push the wrong buttons and make the plane crash?


Jeddy: Oh… maybe me don’t know how to fly an airplane…. I need a flying teacher.


Now for the fish picture. Mostly, because I enjoy grossing my sister out…


The boys decide that he needed rocks for eyes, and then a few in his mouth as well…


(a picture courtesy of Stef)


Yep, those three boys. 

We didn’t let them touch it, and when they decided to bury it and started throwing rocks on it… I had to stop them.

Just slightly disturbing.


For a less traumatic ending…

swan copy

A swan on the pond.

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  1. those rocks and the fish are pretty fun! all kinds of scenarios surrounding the unfortunate demise of said fish could be imagined. :)

    i used to gross my sisters out by keeping a stuffed mouse on my dresser. i even stuffed it myself (in a science club-- just call me nerdy).

    i bet that was an extra special sweet cup of tea! very thoughtful indeedy.


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