Monday, March 29, 2010

Are they sneaky or what!?

I saw this as I was walking by the kitchen today…


So I quietly went to get my camera, but I think Ella caught me. I’m pretty sure she’s trying to warn Jed here…


They’re pretty cute, when they aren’t fighting. They’re either being really sweet, sharing books on the couch together…


Or… Ella’s smacking him on the head with some sort of blunt object.

DSC_0440I have no idea where she gets these faces from….

Notice that she finally has some hair!? I’m always excited when my girls start to grow some hair.

Even if the back is a frizzy mess…

DSC_0456I can hope that the frizz will turn into soft, beautiful ringlets.



Away from all the “soft” and “beautiful”…

Today, Jeddy tried to help me get the meat ready for dinner by filling the bowl that I was thawing it in with hot, soapy water. Thanks Jed.


Oh, and then I guess he figured he needed to “help” some more- so he filled the bathroom sink with soapy water, and put everyone’s toothbrushes in there “to clean them.”


Not the kind of help I need…


If you ask Jeddy what his chore is after dinner, he’ll tell you,

“To stay out of the kitchen!”



Quote of the day:


As we were sitting around the dinner table, talking about how Dad graduates in FOUR weeks (woohoo!!!) Elijah says,

“Don’t say it before your chickens pop!”


I was really confused for a minute. Then I realized what he was trying to say…

“Don’t count your chickens before thy hatch.”



  1. chickens pop... he is so precious!

    and i laughed out loud at the frizzy hair. you could never tell from the front!

  2. I love your blog! And your pictures are always gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing all of those precious moments with us! :)

    P.S. I'm having a little giveaway on my little blog, and I'd love if you could stop by...!

  3. How funny. Isn't there such a diffrence between "I say.." and You hear"...

    Great photos too.


  4. ella is cute in the 2 picture


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