Wednesday, March 24, 2010



First day at the park for 2010!


None of the other kids moved slow enough for me to take a picture. Not that I could even find them in the gigantic park… Just before we left, it started to fill up with bigger kids, and they were blocking the slides, and pushing passed little kids. When they got in Ella's way, she just put her hand on their waist, as if they were one of her siblings and moved them out of her way. Jeddy just yelled, “Excuse me!!!” as he pushed through them.

On the way home Elijah said, “I hope there aren’t so many big kids blocking all the slides next time we go. I said ‘excuse me’ but they didn’t listen.”

Poor guy… he’s so soft spoken, they probably didn’t even hear him. The triplets ran around with eachother the whole time.

This was all while Keona was at her piano lesson across the street. She was quite excited to have gotten 248 points! She gets points for each person she performs for,(among other things) and she played at the nursing home last weekend for over 20 seniors! She's well on her way to the grade 1 piano exam.


And yes, I was lazy and did my poor excuse for a post on the 365 picture…


  1. I hate it when kids don't follow playground rules. Especially when they are being slide hogs or not being accommodating to the littlest ones.

    Glad you were able to get out. What is a grade 1 piano exam?

  2. A woman with 7 children cannot be lazy!!!! It is a lovely picture!

  3. In Canada we have the Royal Conservatory of Music. Basically, just a graded system for piano lessons. I believe that when you graduate grade 8 you are qualified to teach... That sort of idea. :)

  4. Or I should say "Music lessons" not just piano...


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