Tuesday, March 16, 2010


new glasses

So proud of their new glasses…


The first comment when the lady at the optometrist office asked them to look across the street-

“I never saw the little squares on the roof before. I thought there were only lines!”


They spent the whole drive to Grandma’s house reading out license plates.


  1. Wow they are gorgeous! A whole different world now for those three.

  2. They are even more beautiful with their glasses!

  3. Oh so pretty....still confusing though!

  4. Nana said...Even though you made the picture black and white I can still tell who's who....Charity, Prayer, Eve. (that's from left to right, of coarse.)

    You look beautiful girls. I can't wait to see them in person.

  5. i agree nana... charity, prayer, ever! :) u girls look so much older!! :)

    absolutely beautiful!!

  6. This is too fun since my 11year old daughter just got her glasses last week! And she was amazed at the beautiful details of our world that we take for granted! I remember getting my first pair and telling my mom "Oh, their are leaves on that tree! Not just a blob of color." Very exciting and how fun that they all got them at the same time! Amazing!

  7. Oh what a blessing to see all those details!

    Your girls are completely beautiful. I love how their glasses are different from one another.


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