Monday, February 8, 2010

Random Thoughts

Because this is how my brain works on Monday night….


- Last week, Elijah turned off our alarm clock because “it wouldn’t stop beeping and he didn’t want it to wake us up”

- Ella has learned how to box. She punched me in the eye today.

- I miss Scott, and wish he were home with me every night. Then, I think about what that would really mean and am thankful for his job.

- I could really go for a tea right about now.

- We woke up at 5am this morning to find the boys in their room with a pile of chocolate chips on the floor. They actually get up that early to raid the fridge!? Good thing we’re completely out of junk food now!

-I’m really looking forward to the couples’ retreat this weekend.

- I hope I don’t wake up to Jed with a spoon in the sugar bowl.

-The boys have also taught Ella how to karate chop. (Probably at 5am with chocolate chips as rewards) It’s quite hilarious.

- While Scott was lightsaber fighting with the kids this weekend, Eve decided that her foot was a better weapon and kicked him… it wasn’t pretty. I just about died laughing though.

- I can’t wait for spring!

- I wonder if it’s OK to think that someone is a total idiot? As long as I don’t say it out loud?

- I want to finish the book I’m reading.

- I’m behind on my Bible reading schedule.

- I need to sleep.

- The girls were such a big help today. When Jed came into my room dressed in a full 3 piece suit with his pants tucked into his socks, and his tie on top of his collar, I said, “Oh Jed….” and Prayer said, “Mom, he tried! He looks so handsome. Come on Jed, I’ll help you fix it!” They are going to make way better moms than me one day.

- This is getting long. I’m rambling….

- I want to dream about something relaxing tonight. Like… well, I can’t think of anything at the moment…. but NOT being trapped out in the rain with my camera and lenses.

- I should really practice piano more often.

- Jeddy can write his own name now. As well as “Dad” and “Eve”

- I should really start exercising again…. Especially since Scott said he “could tell” that I haven’t been…

- I am totally craving a chocolate bar or something. Forget exercise- maybe I should just be like Jed and take a handful of chocolate chips…

- Ella has become afraid of the dark. She hides under her blanky and yells, “Light! Light!” It’s funny but sad.

- I’m going to bed now.

- Scratch that. I’m making a tea and going to read in bed now. :)

DSC_0786 P.S. Sweater inside out and zipped up! My son has talent I tell ya!

P.P.S. Scott took that picture…


  1. LOVE it...yay Scott for taking a picture in focus!!

  2. I love it - love your thoughts, the new banner, colours and all! Your girls will be terrific Moms because they are learning from the best... and you DON'T need to exercise!


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