Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Triplets

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After seeing each of their photos from last week,


Prayer says, “Oh, I look so much like Eve! I’d think that picture was Eve, if I didn’t know it was me!”


Eve says, “ I think I look like Charity in that picture!”


Charity says, “My smile looks like Prayer’s…”


I kid you not.


And each of them separately, at different times.

Scott and I just kinda looked at each other …


 ‘no kidding!’

You really think you look alike???

Are you just realizing this now?

Even after having your friends come over, and they have to ask who is who, and then memorize what clothes you’re wearing before you all go play!?


I guess because we don’t mix them up (they actually do look completely different to me) and they see each other so differently, they forget how much they look alike!


They crack me up sometimes….

Oh, and I don’t think I’ve mentioned about the whole eye thing on here…


We noticed Prayer squinting alot a few months ago, but she said that it wasn’t because she couldn’t see- she didn’t know why she did it. So we left it at that. It wasn’t until about two weeks ago, when she couldn’t read what the computer said from 5 feet away, that we realized there was more to it than that. Keona could read it, I could read, Scott could read it, but not Prayer. So, I figured that I better book her an eye test. Well, the other day, I drew out a makeshift eye chart and had all of the kids (individually) come and try it out. Keona read through all 6 lines no problem. Not ONE of the triplets could get to even the third line from the bottom. I’m thinking, “What!?! I’m just noticing this now!?” Apparently, it runs in the family.


So, we have an appointment with an optometrist in March.


Charity started crying right away, when she realized that she couldn’t see what Keona and Elijah could.


Her concern: “If I need glasses- will I be able to get pretty ones!?”


Yep… that’s my girl….


  1. Tell the girls if they have to get glasses they do have pretty ones, not like when I was 11 and got my first pair-ugh, no wonder I never wanted to wear them. Let them know they will be beautiful regardless!

  2. Oh, this makes me laugh. I have identical boys, so I guess this will be my future? :)

    Your kids are all gorgeous, by the way. I love your photos of everyone. :)

  3. Oh girls.... eyes like Grandma with the distance problem (although I was in my 20s when I first noticed) they will always be pretty -with or without glasses!

  4. Nana said...I was in grade 5 when they realized why I was falling behind in school....I couldn't see the black board. I am glad you are noticing now.

    If they need glasses, I bet they all choose different ones :)


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