Friday, February 19, 2010

Field Trip!

I have wanted to take my kids to this conservation area ever since my friend Stef posted pictures of her kids from their trip.

We planned on being there at 8am. We made it there at about 9:30…

The kids had seen the pictures, and heard all of the stories from their friends- so they were incredibly excited. We were bundled up, had our bag full of bird seed, and camera on hand.

waiting for birds

Prayer is showing them how to do it here….

kids with bird We got one!

Eventually, all of the girls had them landing on their hands…

girls holding birds Elijah had problems staying still enough for the chickadees…

elijah looking for birds

…but he still had hope!

He was waiting and watching… one landed on his head! But he didn’t even notice. He only knew because the girls told him.

Then, finally!….

DSC_0663 I had my shutter speed down because I was taking pictures of the bridge, when he shouted for me to look. Can you tell that he was a little excited?


Poor Jeddy, kept trying.

jed waiting for birds


He had a few land on him, but when they did- it scared him so bad that he dropped all of his seeds! :)

bird on stump

The $2 worth of seeds were definitely a better deal than the $200 admission to get into Bird Kingdom! :)

Though I don’t know that Ella enjoyed the whole experience. She kept pulling her mittens off every 10 seconds and wanting to get out of her stroller.

ella in stroller

When we finally did let her out, she was only semi-pleased.

ella out of stroller

Until she saw the bridge/pier thing…

ella and jed

Then, she tried to convince Jeddy to take her there.



I still can not get over how fearless these birds were. Next time, the kids want to make sure we bring Dad along!


  1. yay you got birdies!!!!! Somiya and I came on here when we got home to see your post!

  2. Maybe I missed it but where was the field trip? Beautiful pictures.

  3. Lynde Shores conservation area :)

  4. Oh my we are jealous... have to head there soon!

  5. Those are great pictures! Glad hte birds co-operated for the kids.

  6. that is pretty amazing. i didn't know such a place existed.


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