Thursday, February 18, 2010

Early morning snow and forgotten piano books…

I love snow. Cold… not so much. But if we have to endure the cold either way- bring on the snow!

Unfortunately, we haven’t had much of it this winter at all, and when we have, it hasn’t lasted. I’ve tried several times to do photos of the kids in the snow, but it always dies down by the time we finally get outside. So this morning before school, when it was snowing big heavy snowflakes, and there was still fog in the air, I rushed Keona out for a few quick photos…

DSC_0506Then, I went back in and got the kids started on their school work for the day, and decided to try and get a few pictures of Ella while the big kids were working quietly…

DSC_0559  She still has that, I-can’t-breathe-out-of-my-nose-because-it’s-so-stuffed-up face… We’ll have to try again soon.

The, Jed decided to join us…

DSC_0593 …in a t-shirt.

Atleast he’s wearing boots!


When, I sent him back inside, he stood at the screen door, kicking it over and over again.

So, Ella decided to show off for him, and found it even funnier when I told her to stop…

DSC_0577 copy

Oh man, the joys of having two older brothers!


School is going well. Our new schedule is working like a charm! The girls are enjoying it. Everyone aced their tests two weeks in a row, and we have some variety going! We’ve added “creative writing” in more than once a month, as all of the girls enjoy it, and I can get them to use their vocabulary words and have fun doing it! I had to look up one of Keona’s in the dictionary last week! Ha… Today, we wrote limericks during creative writing time. Some of them made snse but didn’t “flow”- others flowed really well but made no sense! We got them all worked out in the end, and laughed alot while doing it! Brought back memories of “Buffalo Chippy!” (Sarah… haha!)


Keona forgot all of her piano books for piano lessons today, but is doing well other than that. She has an entire song memorized already. Hopefully, she’ll finish grade 1 before the summer. If not, that’s OK too. As long as she improves.


I am so thankful for a country where we have the freedom to educate our children how we see fit. I love seeing their individual strengths and weaknesses, and being able to help them excel in their own areas. Elijah has decided that he wants to be 4 things when he grows up: a preacher, an explorer, a missionary, and a dad. I had to smile at the thought, that he could actually be all four of those things! I love having the privilege of being there to encourage those dreams on a daily basis. God’s grace amazes me!


To finish off, here’s something that I read and wanted to share:



Mothers, please don't let the world rob you of the incredible joy of a life invested in your children.

They are your mark on the world.

They are your legacy, your testimony, and your contribution to mankind.

Don't let some other woman steal your influence.

Remember, 'The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.'

That saying didn't just show up one day.

That proverb is the result of centuries of observation.

A mother's influence is unmatched."

-Voddie Bauchaum, Family Driven Faith


When I read that, it once again reminded me of the huge responsibility that God has given me, as a mother to His children. I pray that by God’s grace- my children will grow up wanting to do something amazing for Him.


  1. Beautiful Jaclyn - and yes, being "Mom" is the greatest responsibility and honour!

  2. beautiful photos. and a beautiful thought.

    sometimes it is easy to forget the blessing of being a mother. that it is not less... thanks for the reminder.


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