Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Couples’ Retreat

This past weekend, Scott and I were at our church’s annual Marriage Retreat. I look forward to this every year. A break away from our everyday routine, friends, fellowship, good food (that I didn’t have to cook!) and a hotel room with my hubby! What more could I ask for!?


We are reminded of Biblical truths in a practical way, to help us keep our homes the way God intended.

(I am listening to the boys try to kill eachother with lightsabers as I type this… one moment please…)


OK. So this year, it was held at a new location, a Hilton hotel in Markham. It was gorgeous! Unfortunately, though I brought my camera, I forgot to take pictures! We ate a delicious dinner, and then had 2 other couples over to watch the opening Ceremony for the Olympics and play a game of Scrabble.


I learned that when I wake up in the middle of the night, forgetting that I’m at a hotel- the city lights look like a fire on my bedroom wall, and that I actually DO like Starbucks!


When Scott and I were dating I used to pretend to like Starbucks, just so that I could go for a walk with him in between church services to the coffee shop. I don’t know if I ever actually finished one of those 5 dollar drinks. For the last 10 years or so, he has known that I don’t drink coffee. ;) Saturday morning, he convinced me to go for a Starbucks run with him, and my friend suggested the “Chai Tea Latte” I caved and got him to order me one… this was after our hilarious drive there, where he was being a goof in the van exaggerating his shivering, and we saw the people in the car next to us cracking up while they watched him. Then, they pulled up beside us at the next stop light and watched again, I think they were expecting him to have a seizure or something. We laughed so hard! At Scott’s expense of course! All this to say, I quite enjoyed my tall Chai Tea Latte. I can’t believe I’m saying that… Totally feel like I’m cheating on Tim Hortons!


I sometimes forget how much fun it is to “date” my husband. Out of the last (almost) 10 years, he has spent 4 of them working full time while going to school full time, and I have spent 101 out of 120 months either pregnant or nursing! Every once in a while, these little breaks are needed.


Scott isn’t the card and gift type. He surprises me with little things all the time, but he also hands me my birthday presents in the bag he brought them home from the store in. Which is fine with me, as I’m also horrible at remembering cards!  On Valentine’s Day, I must say that (in my own selfish way) I was a little disappointed when he didn’t give me a card that morning, but then, I saw this on my facebook…

valentine He may not be a “traditional romantic” but he always knows just what to say and when to say it.

We have had our good days and bad days, but there is no one else on this earth that I would have rather spent the last 13 Valentine’s Days with. No one else I would rather go through each and every one of those days with. No one else I would pretend to like Starbucks for…


Love you Scott. Just the same- but so much more than I did 12 years ago.

 DSC_0418 OK so I did take this one picture of us in the mirror before we went down for dinner.


  1. Aw so sweet.... 101 out of 120 my girl... you do keep count of things!Love you both!

  2. oh so beautiful.

    we don't do cards and gifts for each other... unless we see something the other would REALLY like. we do, however, write love letters for special days. doesn't have to be fancy, even on a napkin will do. :)


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