Thursday, February 25, 2010

“Can eating too much pizza kill you?”

I love Thursday nights. Almost as much as I love Friday and Saturday nights. Why? Because it is the end of my work week. :) Well, sort of. We stick to a four day a week school schedule. Which just means that all of the curriculum is kept in those four days. Tomorrow, we get to explore music, art, extra geography, and maybe even a game or two of scrabble. I’m looking forward to it.


Last night, when we were all coming in from church, Elijah says, “Mom, I like thinking about things.”

Sounds alot like his dad. Just on that one drive yesterday, he said the following-


“Can eating too much pizza kill you?”

“I’m never getting married. I’m just going to adopt kids from an orphanage.”

“Do you have to kiss if you get married?”

“Well then I’m DEFINITELY never getting married.”

“Unless she is born on the exact same day as me…”

“Why are there airplanes at night?”

“How does the moon reflect the sun’s light?”


Can you tell that he likes to think?!

He has been so good lately. Trying his best in school, having a good attitude, trying not to fight with his little brother…

DSC_0176 This picture just makes me laugh. His sisters trying to fix his outfit for church… He needs all the help he can get girls! :)


Ella on the other hand, has had some major attitude problems. I always say that our kids experience the terrible twos a little early. By time they’re two- not so much of a problem anymore. Today, she bit both of her brothers, and I’m pretty sure she hit all of her sisters at one point or another. Oy…. and I had to go through the clothes bins and get the next size out for her. We’re up to 3T now!


Oh, and did I mention that our dishwasher died today? Cause our dishwasher died today, and despite my personal opinion, a family of nine CAN survive without one. Doesn’t mean I want to! :) But it is possible. Hopefully Scott will be able to fix it this weekend. IN the mean time, I’m going out to buy the biggest dish rack that I can find!

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  1. wow, he is a thinker! i always waited for the "why" stage with my boys but it never really came.

    i think my boys are not normal.

    that's what makes them so much fun. :) i think they would get along famously with elijah!


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