Friday, January 15, 2010

When You Send a 3 Year Old to Get Your Cell Phone…

You may end up with a bunch of pictures like this on it….


Atleast he didn’t drop it in….



Had a wonderful day today! Spent the morning researching dogs with the kids. My favourite kind of dog, is actually the dumbest breed! ha… And then we looked at the Humane Society website (which I should have known would be a big mistake!) and we saw “Jake.” Then, Keona had to read his information- where we learned that he’s a super kid-friendly dog, that’s 4 years old and while he’s been there for several months… no one has shown any interest in him. They tried to convince Scott tonight to adopt Jake. But they came to the conclusion that “Dad doesn’t care about the poor dog!” lol

I must admit, I’m a softy and would have gone over to adopt him this afternoon….


Fortunately, I had other things to do. Like a photo shoot of 3 adorable little kiddos, a massive grocery shop, and then a wedding consult. All went well, and now I’m relaxing and playing scrabble with my hunny. While the girls sleep two and two in their brand new bunk beds. Remind me why we bought them a second set of bunk beds that are now sitting there unused????


  1. So glad your husband can say NO - you really don't need another pet! Jeddy + your cell phone = disaster!

  2. Papa say's
    I hate this pic... It is almost real... When I get this close, it never has a good result... My tummy is rolling even now...


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