Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pictures I accidentally deleted and then paid $50 for a program to recover….

Errr… I mean….

“Elijah’s 6th Birthday Party!!!”

Yeah, that’s it! :)


For real…. I, in my utmost stupidity, formatted my memory card thinking that I had taken all of the pictures off of it, only to realize that I had missed the most important ones! I sat there and fumed when I realized what I had done. Only to shout out, “I can’t believe I was SO STUPID!” every 5 minutes… and then sit there and fume some more. I have photos from EVERY birthday party! Scott told the kids to “leave Mom alone” while I (and I am seriously this nuts) contemplated making another R2D2 cake and inviting Elijah’s buddy Keaton over again, to re-do the party and pictures! ha… Thankfully, my facebook friends came to the rescue in telling me that I could get a program to recover the pictures.


A few tears, 2 hours of recovering, and fifty dollars later… Here they are!


Elijah only had two requests for his party.


1. His best buddy Keaton, to come over


2. An R2-D2 cake


So the fun began…


The body. Two 6” inch spring-form cakes and an oven safe bowl mould.

  Oh, and blue icing flavoured with “berry-blue JELLO” (my Grandma’s trick)2 

A marshmallow fondant R2 knob. Painted with silver pearl dust. (LOVE that stuff!)


Now it’s getting fun! Fondant covered head, also painted with the pearl dust… Yay!

4 This is the point where I was planning to insert working flashlights and voice mechanisms… but it was midnight, the couch was calling my name, and I figured they were just going to eat the thing anyhow!


So, this is what he got…



My “Arnold Schwarzenegger” R2-D2 cake. – in Scott’s words…. Of course!


What was Elijah most impressed with?


The little red button….


Elijah and Keaton both requested a leg.

8  They ate all of the gum paste decorations and then asked to go play Wii...


  11 10

Next year, he wants a C-3PO…




  1. WOW - Jaclyn that cake is amazing - you are a very talented Mommy! Love all of you and the pictures!

  2. I'm so glad you got the pictures back! I'd say it's worth the $50 and massive effort!

    The cake is fantastic! My most favoritest thing about birthdays in my house is making the cake. I'm no professional but I make a 3D cake of some sort for all the bdays around here. I love, love, love your R2 and may have to have a Star Wars bday soon!


  3. so he smiles for you, but not me...CP30 LOL-have fun!

  4. Nana said...Wow!!! He looks great, the cake that is. I love it. Jaclyn you are amazing.

    So is it going to be a bakery, that you open or a photography studio? You have many capable helpers already for either one.

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  6. Wow! That cake is amazing! My husband would love that cake! He used to be so into Star Wars. He and his brothers used to have all of the Star Wars figurine set!
    Happy Birthday Elijah!

  7. Wow, Jackie! You did an awesome job!!! I'm SOOOO glad you got your pictures back!


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