Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lego Rules In Our Home

1. All 5,698,766 pieces of lego must be dumped right in the middle of the livingroom floor.


2. If Dad is looking for a specific piece, everyone else must drop what they’re doing and help him look.


3. Keep Ella away from the “ginormous” pile of lego- by force if necessary.


4. Do not, under any circumstances, leave a little ship or lego man where mom will step on it. Those little things are sharp, and make feet bleed and cry.



Last but not least..


5. Dad gets all of the good lego.

good lego bad lego

Not only does he get all of the good lego, but he may confiscate any piece, at any time.


Now, have fun Scott kids!



(More Christmas/boxing day updates to come!)


  1. Mrs. Polhamus isn't going to be too pleased with that last pic and comment! ;)

  2. Nana(Mrs.Polhamus)says...You are right Aunty S, That looks very unfair; and where is all the good lego when I am there.
    Scott stashes it somewhere, I knew it. So I have to look for the smaller clear plastic bin with the rest of the good pieces in it. Wish I could have been there.
    Looks like there was some real fun going on.

  3. very simular at our house.....LOL

  4. I showed my oldest son this (almost 6) and he said . . ."Maybe we could go visit and play with them" (or does he mean "play with your Lego" :-)

    Neat photo!


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