Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ella’s first bath….

Don’t be alarmed…. I said “bath.”


I regularly shower my kids, I just don’t *do* baths. I can run showers like an assembly line and have 7 kids squeaky clean in a matter of minutes.


Tonight however, I gave in to the boys’ request to have a bath, and decided to throw Ella in there too. For the first minute, she just sat there grasping the edge of the tub saying, “Mommy! Mommy!” I tried to get her to play with the toys- she wasn’t having it. She just ignored me.


But when Elijah tried to get her to play with the toys…. and put some bubbles on her chin….


(click to enlarge)

ella in the bath Let’s just say, she doesn’t like it when her brothers try to tell her what to do.

poor El

Don’t worry, Evie heard Ella’s screams and came to the rescue!

 saved from the tub1

Eve can always cheer Ella up. Unless Ella is really mad… then she just pinches Eve in the eye, or screams at her while trying to pull her nose off.

But most of the time- they’re best buddies!

saved from the tub2

The boys didn’t want to get out. Elijah was a little hyper I think….

crazy elijah They eventually did get out, looking all soggy.

Forty-five minutes after the whole ordeal began, I cleaned up the bathroom floor and remembered why I don’t *do* baths…


  1. Oh my goodness Ella's terrified look looks quite familiar! And Eve's always to the rescue!

  2. Ella and Evie. Oh how sweet they are! I hope Ella appreciates her-- at least one day! :)

    I have always thought baths to be easier. But now that they are independent, showers are most definitely the way to go!

  3. lol just coming by to laugh at Jaja's pic one more time!;)


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