Friday, January 22, 2010

Donuts, Makeup, and Road Tests

…and while Eve is in violin lessons, this is what we do….


Keona, Charity, and I, split to buy a dozen donuts. Keona now understands how buying in bulk is cheaper. Did you know that while you can buy a dozen donuts for $6.59, it would cost you $11.40 to buy them individually? She figured that out while we were waiting in line.


I don’t usually like sweets, other than twizzlers… and the odd chocolate bar.. and popeye “candy sticks”…. ok so I DO like sweets, just not usually donuts. But sadly, tonight, I have eaten 3 of them.

I’m disgusted with myself.

Oh well, I’ll just say that we did it to celebrate the fact that today, I passed my final road test. I am officially a “G” class driver!

About time….


The other morning, one of the girls (Prayer to be exact) said, “Mom, are you OK? You look really tired or something.” As she said that, I realized that I hadn’t put on my makeup before we started school. Sidenote: I ALWAYS get dressed, do my hair and makeup before we start school, or I don’t get around to doing it at all during the day. Call me vain- but I hate having to answer the door looking like I just rolled out of bed!


Ok… back to the story. So I grabbed my makeup bag (love my new one Sarah!) and did my makeup at the table while the kids started on math. When, I was finished, Prayer proceed to tell me how beautiful I look with makeup on, while Eve and Charity chimed in, “Oh yeah, so much better than before!”

Gee, thanks guys. Aren’t you supposed to think your Mom is beautiful no matter what!?


So Keona says, “Mom doesn’t need makeup to look pretty. She’s always beautiful.”

Aw… atleast I have one nice one.


Then of course, all of them added, “Yeah, Mom! You look pretty without makeup too!”


Prayer: “Yeah. Just tired…”


Gotta love ‘em.


Oh, and finally, this is what sitting in the van for half an hour while your sister is in violin lessons will do to a little boy…

DSC_0740 copyAh yes, that’s my boy!


  1. Nana says...Nice work Keona. Now we just need to teach you about compound interest.

  2. Wow - this so made me want a donut!
    and we know you are always beautiful Jaclyn - its just amazing how our kids get used to us a certain way!


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