Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Eve

Once again this year, we decided to draw names. The kids each thought of one special thing to buy for whoever they had chosen to buy for.


DSC_1118 Forgive the crummy pictures. It was dark and I was still really tired! :)


Bet you can’t guess what Eve’s gift was!!!

DSC_1142I found this hilarious. After what we did to her last year with the whole vase thing…. I didn’t think that it would be fair to trick her again!


Ella was momentarily entertained by a book that plays music….


Then, she was off to get into trouble while everyone else was too busy opening presents to notice!


Elijah got a new Wii game.


Which I think Scott and I have been enjoying more than him! It’s the new Super Mario Bros. which is actually like the old Super Mario. You know, like we played 15 years ago! Except now it’s cooperative. Scott and I don’t do cooperative games very well…. the first time we played, we just kept arguing as he picked me up and threw me off ledges over and over again. I’d jump on his head and throw turtles shells at him… it wasn’t pretty. I refuse to play with him anymore. He doesn’t know how to play nice!


Jeddy’s favourite present was a $3 airplane.


That, along with the potato guns that I bought for him and ELijah. I don’t know what I was thinking… They don’t require little darts that get lost in approximately 45 seconds flat. They just shoot little potato pellets. Kinda the same idea as spit balls. The problem arises when your 3 year old decides to help himself to a potato, and tries to cut it open with an 8inch butcher’s knife- while you’re downstairs putting together new bunkbeds… He came downstairs with his hand wrapped around a finger, saying, “Moooomm!” As blood was dripping on my new floor. He’s now gone through 35 bandages, and after I told him no more- he managed to get one while being babysat at my friend’s house. No more knives for Jed.


Prayer got a new music box, with a watch inside.


She loved her little ballerina. Until Ella ripped her torso off…


Charity got a new microphone, since she loves to sing!


And sing she did! She actually got two microphones, so that they could do duets. Jeddy seems to think we bought it so that he can make fake burp in it at max volume while his sisters are trying to sing….


The best reaction by far, was Keona….

best reactionShe cried when she found ouit that she’d be taking piano lessons with her favourite music teacher, starting in January.


keona crying


  1. Nana says..So nice to see that everyone had a great Christmas.

    I didn't see the potato gun fight!!

  2. Jed told me about that BIG knife!!!!

  3. Papa says,
    I think I can see a little "BIG" heart in those eyes... She deserves to be happy, she is such a little jewel. Love you Keona.


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