Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Boxing Day

Every year on Boxing Day, Scott’s Uncle Ken and Aunt Joanne are so kind as to have all of the family over at their place in Wasaga Beach. We all look forward to it each year. I think that the kids are as excited about going to “Saga Beach” as they are for Christmas morning!


This year the guys thought that it would be fun to bring over the huge ginger bread house that Aunt Sarah had made, and watch the kids demolish it…


Ready, set…. GO!


Yes, that is my child, holding a piece of the roof up like it’s a trophy.

Jeddy went right for the tower. He nibbled it a bit….


And then went to town!


Yikes! Where are their table manners that I’ve worked so hard to in still!!??

Apparently, they left them at home…


Since it was the men’s idea- they volunteered Scott to clean up the mess!


Jeddy decided to hide under the table with a giant bowl of chips that Uncle Ken gave him to polish off. I think he was trying to hide from me, since I had said NO MORE FOOD! Jeddy has never had enough food. The kid could eat all day.


And last, but not least, Prayer…. Just because she always makes me smile!     




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  1. Nana said...Wow great shots. You should check out the video of the whole thing that Pam put on Facebook. It is funny. That was a fun time.


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