Wednesday, January 6, 2010




I’ve been doing really well with my resolutions so far, for a whole 6 days! But I forgot about my 365 until tonight… and I didn’t feel like taking pictures of any of the kids… it’s been a LONG day!

So instead, here is a picture of my very FIRST cell phone! Can you believe it??? I’m 26 years old, it’s 2010, and I just now- joined the 21st century.

I had asked for a watch for Christmas (because I never know what time it is) and Prayer told me, “Mom, I didn’t get you a watch… but it will still tell you the time!” Call me dense… but I didn’t even clue in that it was a phone.

A big thanks to Scott Prayer for my free Christmas gift, that still freaks me out every time it says “You’ve got mail!” 

So anyhow… text me! ;)


  1. Super cute! Pink is my favorite!

    ps. I am 29 and don't have a cell phone ;)


  2. WooHoo!!!!!! I'm so excited that you got one!!!! :-D Love the pink!

  3. 36-don't have one...maybe by the time I can afford one they will make a cow spotted one! I'll grab greg's phone and text you ;)


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