Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year’s Eve

All of the big kids got to stay up and party until midnight. I had told Ella that it was almost bedtime, and then she disappeared. When I went to look for her, I found her here…


In her bed, reading books.

She may take after her big sisters. Just a bit.


We started the night out by playing Monopoly, but when we were 20minutes in and Scott and I were ready to strangle each other- we decided to try another game.

Keona and Prayer just wanted to play Webkinz on the computers with each other…


Notice the earrings?

I thought I was all that, wearing those back in 1990.


While playing Life, Eve landed on the “Get Married” spot and when we gave her the little blue man to put in her car she picked it up and said, “The man has to drive!” While she proceeded to switch the little people. Scott made some comment about her not getting that from me- even though I always let him drive… :P


Jed had asked me first thing in the morning, “When do I get to bang pots and pans???”

My flash didn’t fire- but you can still see his expression…


Think he was a little excited? :)


Yes, Charity has paper towel hanging out of her mouth. She had just been elbowed by her sister…

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Review in Pictures

The night before Christmas Eve…

night b4 christmas eve

The kids wanted to stay up to see Dad when he got home. The girls and I played Monopoly, Elijah played Wii, while Jeddy and Ella fell asleep! Great Grandpa, came over bearing gifts. He told the kids that all the clothes were from Great-Grandma and the money was from him! Elijah convinced Jeddy to “share” money… I was an older sibling once- I know what that really means…


Christmas Eve…

christmas eve

Gotta love Ella’s new zebra-print underwear!

Two days - one accident. :)

Scott was pretty excited about his Blue Ray player from Charity. I’ll have to tell that story another time.

Scott decided to try out my new computer monitor, and everyone gathered around to see what was going on. A five minute test, turned into and hour and a half movie.


Christmas Day…

There would be more pictures- but I spent the day in the kitchen and forgot to take out my camera. :)

christmas day

The girls got some new puzzles for Christmas, and couldn’t wait for Great-Grandpa to come over and help put them together!


We had an amazing and incredibly blessed Christmas.

Hoping you did as well!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2 more sleeps…

I hate being sick. I remember when I was a kid, and it was fun to stay home from school, lay on the couch all day, and watch reruns on TV. (My sister and I, once watch all of the Rocky movies. In one day.) Not so much fun anymore! Especially not the week of Christmas! I had planned on baking sugar cookies, cinnamon buns, a cheesecake, chocolate mint patties, macaroons, chocolate chip cookies, and a gingerbread house!


We managed to get the gingerbread house done…


In spite, of my sand castle-like dough.

The sloping roof, caved in about 10 minutes after this picture. So I told the kids to just eat it.

They didn’t seem to mind.


This past Sunday, the kids put on a Christmas musical at church.

Jeddy, was a very tired and grumpy little shepherd.


Ella, who had taken her nap- was a much happier little angel.


Their cousin Matthew, was also a shepherd. He kept giving everyone a ‘thumbs up’ from the stage!


DSC_0652 copy

I didn’t take many pictures, as I was sitting in the front row with a whole bunch of toddlers.

The kids all did a great job!


Saturday, we had our service at the seniors’ home. When it came time for Jeddy to say his verse, he looked over at me, then looked at the floor. His sisters and Elijah, started it for him and he joined in. A little stage fright I believe. :)

Well, I am almost ready for Christmas. Scott decided to go shopping at 3am last night in Walmart. I’m tempted to make a run to Old Navy in the middle of the night tomorrow just to avoid the lines. One gift left to grab, several left to wrap, groceries to pick up for Christmas dinner, cards left to fill out, cookies to bake, and a few songs and verses to go over with the kids. I am SO ready for the weekend!

2 more sleeps!

Until Christmas Eve that is.

Scott and I made our own family tradition, of opening our gifts on Christmas Eve. The kids still get so much from aunts, uncles, and grandparents on Christmas- that it can be overwhelming!

So, Christmas Eve is our own little family celebration. :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

John 3:16

Jeddy practicing his verse for the senior’s home today…

Hopefully, he doesn’t have to call on me for help today. ;)


We’re heading out soon, to visit with some seniors; sing songs with them, hold their hands, share the Word of God, have a little chat, and for the kids- give lots of hugs!


One week ‘til Christmas!


I am so thankful for the absolute best gift that I’ve ever been given...


“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

-John 3:16

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lasagna, Popcorn chains, and other ramblings…

Tonight, Jeddy and I made lasagna for dinner. With my mom’s special, homemade sauce. Jeddy doesn’t usually like lasagna. So this time, I decided to let him make his own. Like my mom did for me, when I was a kid and didn’t like lasagna. He declared his lasagna, “The BEST lasagna EVER.” And cleaned his plate. Not sure if the timbits and hot chocolate from Tim Horton’s that Grandma brought for dessert had anything to do with it… :)


This, is why we haven’t made popcorn chains in a few years…

 dec07 064

December 2007


While I was looking at old pictures, I realized that I have my dad’s smile…

Robert and Jaclyn

Maybe that’s why my grandma just sits and stares at my sister and I when we go visit her.


Please pray for this family.

When Elijah was about 4 years old, he pulled my dresser over. Thankfully, my bed was in the way and caught it. He was able to duck underneath and was only hit by a drawer. (The one time I was thankful for small bedrooms.) Hearing the scream and crash, was horrifying. Yet, we still have furniture that isn’t anchored. Reading this story has reminded me to take care of that this weekend.


What a solemn post.


On a brighter note- we are officially on Christmas break! I decided to finish off tomorrow’s school work, today. That way we can just relax and hang out with Scott tomorrow. We have lots of baking, and arts and crafts planned for next week. No popcorn chains though…


Speaking of school, Jeddy flew through his 3 letter words today! We’ll be right on track to start short sentences in the new year. For a while there, I debated waiting until next year to continue kindergarten with him. But once he caught on… it has been smooth sailing since.

sept07 145

Seems like just the other day, he was learning to walk. Now, he’s learning to read!


FYI- I really miss that skirt. It was my favourite. You can tell by the giant fray holes that I wore right through it. I guess my boys aren’t the only ones who wear through their jeans…

Ella can recite all of the blends as well. She sits there and says, “Ma, me, mi, mo, mu. Da, de, di, do, du.” She has no clue what she is saying- but perhaps it will make it easier to teach her? I can hope, anyways. :)


She, Arabella that is, is super polite. If she doesn’t hear me the first time, she responds with, “Pardon?” Every single time.

Jeddy on the other hand… looks confused and says, “What chu say?”

I know that I should really correct him, and teach him, “Excuse me” or “Pardon me” – but I just can’t help but laugh. Every single time.


And just cause I’m going through them- a few old photos…


Summer 2007


I miss having a tan…


Not so sure I miss the full beard…

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


… I feel like I work in a cafeteria.


Homemade apple-cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast!


… I let my (almost) 7 year old put Ikea furniture together.


All by himself.


… I buy Ella cute stuff just because it’s nice to be able to buy just one.

Not three, or four…

Just one.


She thinks that she looks like a snowman.

… I take blackmail pictures of my kids.


How could I not!?

Oh Jed…

Monday, December 13, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Random Kind of Post

Today, was a day. Not a bad day. Just a day.

The kids weren’t all that into school work. It got done. Not with as much enthusiasm as I would like- but none the less…

The kids have had a such a great attitude about school this year. We have had good grades, and attitudes - for the most part. So I can’t complain about a so-so day every once in a while!

Though today, for the first time, Jeddy read through all of his short-vowel blends on his own! We are making progress! I know that he just turned 4, so I’m not pushing it too much… but now that he is able to put letter sounds together- reading isn’t far away! Kindergarten, has been the most frustrating, but also most rewarding grade to teach so far. Because once they can read, they are able to learn whatever, and whenever they want.


I am continually amazed by the random facts that my children inform me of.

How in the world did she know that?!

Well, she reads.

Good, classic books.

Alot of them.


Elijah is currently reading the biography of David Livingston.

I didn’t tell him to read it. He isn’t reading it for school. His sisters read it, told him about it, and he wanted to read it for himself. I’m so thankful that my children have a love for reading. I encourage that, along with their imaginations. Keona wrote her 3rd book today. As I wondered how she knew how to use italics for thought, or certain words we had never covered in school vocab… I realized- she has seen them used in her books. 


Today, I have been enjoying my new Yankee candle.


I wish that you could smell it. Because the ‘Frosted Cookie’ smell- is sensational.


I plan on making a gingerbread house with the kids this weekend/next week.

I have my ingredients all ready, and hopefully everything goes as planned!


Next weekend is our Christmas special at the seniors’ home. We have been practicing like crazy around here! Each of the kids (minus Jeddy and Ella) has a piano solo, and then they are singing several songs as a group. So, they have been practicing and I have been practicing. Eve and I are planning a piano-violin, Carol of the Bells duet. It has always been a favourite song of mine!


Hopefully this time, she doesn’t decide to skip a bar in the middle of the song on me…


Well, tonight my kids have their friends over and it is getting quite rowdy. I’m thinking I had better offer some snacks and a break to calm things down. ;)


A very random post. I know.


So, I’ll end with a few quotes I read today that reminded me how important my job is:


That’s my own concept of my job - Arming her with the tools she needs to succeed on her own, and making course corrections along the way. When you think about it - if I taught my daughter only what I knew, no matter how knowledgeable I was - I'd be limiting her severely. - Joan Taylor, homeschool mom


Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve. - Roger Lewin

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Three hours later…

Elijah got a K-Nex set as a gift at Scott’s work party. (The same work party in which Ella was a total grump. She high-fived Spiderman and hugged Snow White, but completely freaked when we started to walk towards Santa to get her present. She needed a nap…)

But pretty cool, right?

A working roller coaster, with a real motor, chain lift, and everything! Usually Scott is the one to help the children put Lego sets together. I can handle an Ikea chair or dresser- but a million little pieces is enough to drive me mad. And being the perfectionist that I am- I can’t put it down until it’s done. I once spent all afternoon try to transform Metronome (as Prayer calls him) er, Megatron- and was quite upset when I had to admit failure and hand it back to my 7 year old.


Anyhow, Scott wasn’t home. Elijah really wanted to put this thing together- so, I decided I could help him.

Three hours, and a hot glue gun later…


Yep, I totally hot glued that one little dysfunctional piece into place…

He had his roller coaster!

DSC_0327 copy

Today… he decided to take it apart.


In other news, Prayer put Ella’s hair into braids yesterday! It is still so short that I never would have thought to try that- but it looked absolutely adorable!


That’s her fake-it-for-mom’s-picture smile…


Scott bought a few old Nintendo games for our Wii. We now have Dr. Mario, Tetris, and Super Mario Bros. 3.

Oh, the memories of wanting to kill my little sister because she tripped over the Nintendo cord and unplugged my game that couldn’t be saved…

The other day, we had finished school by lunch time, so Scott and I decided to play a game or two of Tetris before he left. It was a competitive Tetris where you can cause grief on the other person’s game with items you get from tetrises. We only planned to play one or two games, but when I beat Scott – he has to play again. And again. And again.


Right before he left for work, he asked the girls, “So, what did you learn in school this morning?”

To which Eve replied, “That Dad can’t beat Mom at tetris!”

I love that girl!

P.S. That wasn’t really what they learned in school. She's learning to use sarcasm. A little too well.


We also baked, what were definitely the best sugar cookies that I’ve ever baked before.

Which doesn’t really say much.

But I know they were good…


Cause they’re all gone now.

Can’t wait to bake some more Christmas goodies!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Weekend Away…

Scott and I were able to sneak away for a few days this past weekend. We left on Thursday morning for Niagara Falls and came back on Saturday evening. We had a jacuzzi suite- overlooking the falls. It was magnificent.


We were 27 stories up, and had a fireworks show on Friday night.


We just sat and enjoyed the view in front of the fireplace while I massacred him at Scrabble we played Scrabble. Yes, we brought Scrabble. I feel like we should have been on that senior citizen’s bus tour…

Just kidding.

About feeling like a senior- not the Scrabble.

All that to say- the view at night was amazing.

DSC_0195 We spent our days shopping in the States. Scott went from never having crossed the border as an adult, to having crossed it three times in one weekend! I got him to stop at a Salvation Army to check out the books, but it was a disappointment. I only bought one book for 31 cents. The 31 cents part was nice. We spent an hour in another book outlet store we found. We bought brand new hymn books for $3.00 a piece.

Scott wasn’t impressed by the outlets. He didn’t seem to understand how a $400 purse on sale for $150 was a good deal… :) We didn’t spend much time there. We did however, save $207.36 at Kohl’s on Saturday morning! We didn’t even know that the sale would be going on. Scott stood in line while I shopped. It was a long line. Who knew Britney Spears had her own brand in the states?

We prayed for God to help us find good deals while we were there, and He provided. At one store, the cashier asked us if we had a members’ card. We said ‘no.’ So she replied, “Oh, well I’ll just use this one for you!” Swiped it and gave us 30% off! At another store, the lady in front of us in line, paid for her stuff and then said, “Here, use my 15% off card!” So we did… Not to mention we arrived at Kohl’s an hour before the huge sale that we didn’t even know about was over- completely by accident! Such a blessing…

We bought lots of Christmas gifts so I can’t share too many details.


Oh, and we ate. We ate lots. Like WAY too much…


Cheesecake factory (that was our lunch on Friday… ha!)


Bob Evans (we both ate until we felt sick that night…)

It was the perfect long weekend getaway.


We woke up to an equally wonderful view.


I had planned to wake up and take sunrise pictures- but I slept in.

It was nice.

I’m so thankful that my hubby forced me to take this break with him.

Though I didn’t take a ton of pictures- I sure have a lot of fun memories.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bed head…

That pretty much describes our entire family today. All 9 of us are in serious need of some hair cuts. I am responsible for all of the kids’ hair cuts- which I will take care of tomorrow. After all, we can’t have them walking around looking like this…


Scott will go see his favourite barber… and I… I will attempt to give myself a much needed trim before the weekend.


I’m trying my very best to save every extra penny for Christmas shopping. I’ve done well so far! While I was talking to my mom on the phone tonight I said, “I get Old Navy coupons and I tell myself, ‘No, they don’t need any more clothes!’”


And then all three triplets in unison, piped up, “Then you go buy them anyways!”


Excuse me!?!?

I have been extremely frugal lately. Atleast according to my standards.


My darling husband on the other hand…

Today, we couldn’t find Ella’s black sweater that she was going to wear this Sunday. (All 4 girls have matching ones) We looked for hours- literally! I checked the van… everywhere we could think of. When Scott called and heard that I was annoyed over the sweater he said, “Where’d you get it? Worst case scenario- you go buy another one before Sunday.”

He always wants to see me happy, and make my life easier. Regardless of what it may cost him.

Remember the Nikon incident?…


By the way, we finally found the sweater. In Elijah's drawer. The 3rd time I sent him to check…


Hoping for a less busy, and more productive day tomorrow.


I’ll end with my new favourite picture of Elijah.

Just so you know that he doesn’t look that crazy all the time… ;)


Monday, November 29, 2010

Counting down…

… the days until Scott and I are off for a weekend getaway! Which will include shopping over the border! He has never been cross-border shopping, and I’ve only been to Walmart and Cracker Barrel- so we’re looking forward to it! Any places that we MUST hit in the Niagara/Buffalo area?


Also, counting down the items on my to-do list before we leave.

I have 3 boxes full of Christmas cards calling my name.

DSC_0052 copy

They may wait until next week.

Piano, voice, and verse practices for our program at the seniors’ home this month. The kids are putting on a Christmas special for them. Last month, we missed our visit to the seniors’ home because we were at my sister in law’s wedding. We called ahead of time to let them know. Well, apparently they didn’t let all of the residents know… One of our most faithful men, Ernie- came down expecting us. The lady who works there told us that he sat and cried when we didn’t show up. :( This month when he saw the kids, he left his walker and practically ran back to his room to bring them some candy he had picked up for them. He doesn’t know it- but he is way more of a blessing to us than we could ever be to him.

Another man named Stanley, said to Scott, “I enjoyed your preaching cause I could actually hear you this time!”


I came home from my photo session on Saturday, and found Jeddy like this on the couch…


Speaking of Jeddy…

We made a trip to Ikea two weeks ago for some much needed plates! We were down to only 5 large dinner plates- and two of those had chips in them!

I couldn’t decide between the apple green and the classic white.


Guess who persuaded me to go with the green?

Then my wonderful husband decided to grab the white as well. So we can alternate colours for Christmas dinner! ha… Now Jeddy insists on always using a green plate or bowl.


Ella is learning to draw people. I just snapped this picture quickly while I was colouring with her the other day- but I’ll have to try and get a better one of her “people.”


She can almost write her name, as well! No, she didn’t write the one on her paper… :P Her E’s have about 10 sideways lines instead of 3. I said almost…. That little pink flower however, is hers.


Well, I’m off to make a program for the senior’s home, and then hopefully make out some Christmas cards!


I’ll end with my favourite picture of Prayer.

Just cause…

prayer5 copy

i heart faces: scenic B&W

Our youngest daughter seems to think she is royalty. Having 6 older siblings, who wanted to carry her around all the time as a baby- has made her think that she should still be carried around all the time. Even though she is now two and a half…
She most often demands requests piggy-backs from her siblings, who all too willingly comply.
This shot of her big brother piggy-backing her down to a beach in Cavendish, PEI is one of my favourite memories from our family vacation.
to the beach

Sunday, November 21, 2010



They say, "Time heals all wounds", though, we don't know who "they" are, nor if that were true. Perhaps we should suppose time could at least numb most stings.


Some wounds hurt more with time. As we grasp at the faint reminder, once sharp images and sweet voices in memory, we wish to see and feel and hear just once more that which time hath stole away. In this a scar may be torn, and a wound remade, a regret reborn. Perhaps time only seduces our emotions, or numbs our senses, dulling the truth, or just distorting it.


"Time the great healer." So they may say. Yet the finality of our finite, time-bound state is a constant reminder that there is little constant in time. The waves of its massive unsearchable depths flow constantly over the good and the bad, dissolving all alike, taking all without regard. Soon, we shall all rest far beneath its depths, with a new crop of memories dwelling upon the face of the deep, awaiting time's cleansing work. Our wounds still hurt, Time. Where is thine effect? What dose shall we suppose would purge these deep wounds? Perhaps time will be no cure at all.


They say, "Time is money", though, we don't know who "they" are, nor if that were true, perhaps time should make us take account of that which we have to spend. A wise man once said, "Time is life." Therefore, time could be money, but time could also be pleasure, love, taking, or giving. Time will be what you are, for where you spend you is where you spend your time.


Many look back through time from a deathbed or final hour and see all the account of that which they have purchased with their small fortune of time, and yet weep. Some few rejoice. For the most part, they all wish to have more time to spend where they think it could have been spent best. As such, we're all bound to give account of ourselves one day, for that which we have poured ourselves out to, like a drink offering of times gone by, spilled out on the ground in the name of that which we worship most and best. At what altar will you have poured yourself when all of time is done? Money? Shall it be feelings of pleasure, or follies of thrill? Where go your moments? Like pennies poured down a drain, your life runs from your hands each time the clock ticks. Where does it run?


watching airplanes


"Lay hold on eternal life." Our Saviour said. Not so as to suggest that somehow eternity could be bought with the act of a moment. For we finite creatures of dust have nothing of value to offer Him that is timeless in exchange for eternity. Lay hold on Him, for He is eternal life. Don’t waste yourself spending yourself to build your “Tower of Babel” in an attempt to get yourself to God. Get Him, and get all. Invest in Him, for His dividends far surpass the purchase price. Love Him, because you can.


Yet within our given moments are the chances to give something back that can never go away, some things that costs us a part of us, moments. By giving our time, we give ourselves. One beloved, nearing the end of time, would always rather have partaken in the moment of a loved one rather then in their money. Sure, in some cases our money represents a great investment of our time with which we earned it. But love takes time to give.


If you seek to give yourself, and you should, it will cost you time. It will cost you some of your life. And in the end, when it's reckoning time, you shall be one of those few that rejoice in the investment of your time, for your time did that it was intended for. You gave time to those you love most, you offered time to the One who offered Himself, and in these there is no regret.


Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. – Eph 5:16


Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. – James 4:14


For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. – Matt 6:21



scott's sig


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