Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Work Christmas Party {Santa}

ella and santa2Am I a bad mother for laughing hysterically while I took this picture? 

ella and santa

 I think Santa was actually amused by this whole mother-laughing at terrified-daughter-crying scenario as well….





  1. Nana said...Well, when she wakes up screaming in the night for the next week you will know why........LOL!!!! At least she didn't fight and pull off his beard.

  2. if it was your first child you likely would not be as relaxed and laughing... then again YOU might!!! that's why Elijah is the sneaky way he is (oh and because of Scott's influence too!)

  3. that. is. funny.

    now someone give that girl a kleenex and a big hug!

  4. At least you got a "real" looking Santa. And I knew our trio would cry...It was truly for my amuzement! What bad parents we are! :)Have a Merry Christmas!


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