Friday, December 11, 2009

Something Only We Would Do…

Our house is pretty old, and sometimes our doors jam.

Well, last night, Scott and I locked ourselves into our bedroom.

Knob would not turn. Wouldn’t even budge… After trying for half an hour to turn the handle every which way, take the door knob off by unscrewing it- with a pair of kids’ scissors that just happened to be on my dresser, and having no luck… (most of this time I was sitting on our bed laughing at Scott) Oh, and did I mention that we were holding a candle over by the door because our room lights don’t work, and we forgot that we had a lamp? Cause we were… working by candle light that is. I almost burnt Scott’s hand several times. So when he came to the conclusion that he was going to have to break the door, or the frame to get it open- I asked if I could try first, because I’ve always wanted to try and kick a door down… so lady-like. I know… For some reason, he just gave me a strange look and ignored me. Then, he continued to try and pull the door through the frame. I almost died laughing when I saw what he did next… he got out his sword and I thought he was going to try and chop the handle right off…. thankfully, he jammed it between the door and the frame and popped it open.

“Why didn’t you do that half an hour ago!!??”

Only us…

scott & I

Scott, right before he slapped me… don’t worry… I slapped him back. :)


Check out my photo shoot from last weekend. I had a great time with these gorgeous girls, and the amazing hair and makeup artist! :) Can’t wait to get my hair done!!!



  1. Oh my... only you two! I thought the kids stories were entertaining... but they're nothing compared to the adult stories!
    Love you both!

  2. Love it.... and i would have been so into hearing the details of you knocking the door down. :) Great picture of you guys... and btw, you have the most amazing hair. Merry Christmas.

  3. So were the kids all sleeping??? Can't you just hear them going to church or somewhere this week and saying "Guess what my mom and dad did ...." :-)

    Thanks for the giggle!

  4. Great story!!! LoL!! (especially after my own...did I ever tell you about that????) And definitely a great picture. Very sweet.

  5. hahaha! Great pic!

    Well, at least y'all didn't yell for the kids to help. No telling what they would've tried to do! :)

  6. Aaron DID break our doorframe to the washroom recently when Emma locked the door and he heard a thud in the tub from the baby and then a wail! Personally, I thought he over reacted. Who would have thought I would be the less frantic one!


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