Thursday, December 10, 2009

One Week Later…

Am I behind on my posting or what!?


I can’t believe it has been a week since my last *real* post.


Since then….


- I left my whole family and went away for two days with my mom-in-law to a Ladies’ retreat in Michigan. Scott survived. And so did the kids… :)


- I spent way too much money while away at said ladies’ retreat. But in my defence… it was my first time at Cracker Barrel!


- We went to the children’s Christmas party for Scott’s work. You already know what happened there. What I didn’t mention… was Eve standing up front doing the Macarena… *flashback to grade 7 dances*   And Elijah doing the twist… it was hilarious! He twists like an 80 year old man.. Keona and Somiya tried to make Jeddy dance… he wasn’t so into it.

DSC_0973 - They each received toys from the Santa at the party. Keona got an MP# player. I don’t have an MP3 player… but my 9 year old does. We have since, added (at her request) “Revive Us Again” to her playlist. Jed got a keyboard, and Elijah got a remote control truck. Elijah got mad at Jed, took his keyboard, and dunked it into a bucket full of water in the laundry room. Now Jeddy has a remote control truck. And Elijah… well, he has what Keona recommended he get- a lump of coal. We are totally into the holiday spirit around here!


- Scott has almost completed his first semester. One more exam to go! *Praying he passes everything*


- We have one week of school left before Christmas break! I’m looking forward to sleeping in playing games, and doing all sorts of arts and crafts with my kids! :)


- Ella has learned the word “no.”  Her sisters tell her to do something and she yells, “No! No!” I come around the corner and as soon as I say, “Ella, you…” She says, “Yes, ma’am!”  She cracks me up…


- Eve played “Joy to the World” in church with the other violin students. I was going to take lots of pictures, but then I video taped it instead…

eve violin- I have been so busy editing other peoples’ photos that I’ve barely taken any of my own. Hopefully that will change now that I’m done taking hat orders for this year; I only have 1 more photo shoot booked for this month; Scott will be home during the days for the next few weeks! So while I’m sure that alot more has gone on in the last week or so… my brain is exhausted at the moment and I’ve already rambled long enough!


Looking forward to Christmas shopping this weekend! :)

nutcrackerDon’t ask me why I just put up a picture of a nutcracker… it was sitting on our piano, in front of the Christmas tree… and the lights made for nice bokeh…  So I took a picture- that I have no use for…


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  1. nutcracker picture? because it makes you happy. and that is reason enough, right?


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