Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Elijah!

Six years ago today, after being in labour for over 12 hours during an attempted VBAC, I lay on a hospital bed while the doctors tried desperately to find my baby’s heart beat. I remember crying and squeezing Scott’s hand, while we both prepared ourselves to be told that we had lost our baby. Just as panic really started to set in, his heart beat came back. It was alot slower than it was supposed to be- but it was there.


I faintly remember them rushing me down the hallway for an emergency c-section. I remember them telling me that they had to start my epidural again before they begin. I remember not caring if I was numb, and telling the doctors to just get him out! I wanted to see my baby. They finally let Scott in, and I must have asked him every 5 seconds, if everything was OK. When he didn’t answer right away, I would turn and ask my midwife, or the anaesthesiologist. I remember praying, and begging God to keep our baby safe. A few moments later, I heard Scott say, “I see his head! He’s huge!” (Turns out he wasn’t really *huge* he just had a big head!)


His cord had been wrapped around his chest and neck. He had marks from it being so tightly wound. We were told that my uterus was so thin, that a couple more contractions and we could have had a rupture, which would have been catastrophic for both of us. But we didn’t. God knew just what HE was doing when He scared us enough to agree to the c-section. (which I wouldn’t have- under any other circumstances)


Not only was our first baby boy here- he was perfect.

mom and elijah 

When I watch him today, I see what I imagine a 6 year old Scott to be like. Except that he has 5 sisters to torture, and a little brother as his sidekick. He is the epitome of a little brother. He kicks over doll houses, eats their food, trips them as they walk by, hides their stuff, and locks them out of their own room. He loves lego, he’s a math whiz, and he squishes bugs with his bare hands. He preaches for their “play church” services, and never forgets to pray for a prayer request he’s been given.


I am so thankful that God spared our son 6 years ago today. I can’t imagine our family without him!


Happy 6th Birthday Elijah!








  1. Happy Birthday Elijah!!!!

  2. He doesn't really do all that stuff does he?
    GOOD BOY ELIJAH!!!! Papa loves you.
    Happy Birthday

  3. Nana said...I remember that day well. I love you Elijah.


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