Monday, November 16, 2009

Surprise, Sickies, and steak

Saturday afternoon, we went to a surprise party for our dear friend-of-the-family, Miss Madge. My Mom had been planning it for months, and I had been looking forward to it for almost as long! I miss our old friends, from our old church, and it was nice to see some of them there.


She was indeed surprised….


Though, I think it may have taken her a moment to realize what exactly was going on! Once she started noticing who everyone was, she was quite excited- to say the least.

 i   I really, really, miss her…j

Unfortunately, due to 3 of our kids having fevers, and other symptoms… we weren’t able to stay long. We did get to hear the speeches, and eat some food- which was great!

 g h m b

It was one of those days, where you’re so happy that you have the chance to see these people again, but at the same time, so sad that things aren’t the way they once were.


Anyways, Happy 70th birthday Miss. Madge!!!


I had all of these great plans for homeschooling this week… we are officially done our first quarter, and I was hoping to start on some unit studies this week. One with missions, another with groceries and budgeting (more for Keona) but they both involved being able to go out.


Today, Keona spent the majority of- in bed. Prayer has a fever now, and Elijah, Jeddy and Ella are still coughing. Not sure what it is, as the fever only seems to last a day… but whatever it is, I’m hoping it passes- quick! For now, they’re taking lots of Vitamin C, D, fresh produce, and water.


OK. Enough rambling, hopefully I’ll have some more exciting news tomorrow!


Oh, and the “steak!”

We received our half of a cow that we ordered. Talk about ALOT of meat!


Anyone have some good recipes for ground beef? :)


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  1. HA! We just got out freezer full with half a cow, too ... I'll let you know if I come up with any good recipies ... so far we've just done ots of taco or spaghetti nights :-)

    Sorry to hear you are fighting the germs too ... we've had our share of sick days too


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