Saturday, November 28, 2009


A wise man once said, “Everything on purpose.” What is your purpose? Why do you bother existing? What is worth all this effort? I wonder if you can stand these questions. I wonder if you can survive this post, if not on purpose.


Purpose builds everything. For everything is built on a purpose. Nothing was ever built without being fuelled by purpose. No one sweats or bleeds, for a cause, unless that cause is worthy. No one battles an enemy, risking their life, or risking their chance to see that enemy’s defeat, without first deciding to do it. Is your life built and being built on purpose? Is that purpose worth your life?


A mother spends herself dry on purpose. There is no purpose quite so revealing on this planet as the mother’s purpose. What do you purpose for your children, mother? Are they for you; or are you for them? Or, are you and your children for a purpose?


We can go on through life tossed like a canoe in a hurricane, because we set out to sea without purpose. Remember what you are, little paddlers, as you gaze upon an endless horizon of open water. It is a long trip without reason to reach the destination. Yet to know that each time you press that paddle into the endless, effort-sucking strife of life, you further yourself towards your purpose, makes each stroke worthy of fullness. I cannot see shore, as yet. Nevertheless I purpose to reach it at whatever cost. Do you have a purpose that is worth crossing an ocean in a canoe for? Though we would like to fancy ourselves a little god, we are so tiny and frail as the canoe crossing the ocean.


So what’s your purpose? Why heed that evil alarm clock in the morning? Is your purpose worth getting up for? I watch a mother burn her candle until the early morning in effort, for a purpose. Find such a purpose. Find something worthy of you, worthy of your life.


Are you worthy of you? This is a deep lie of our society. “If you live for you, you will find fulfillment in your purpose.” Liars. No one ever served himself and found it worthy. No one ever spent their last breath and passed out into eternity glad they had wasted every minute away self-pleasing. Be honest, you are not worthy of that investment.


When all is spent from you, and you blink your last blink, inhale for the final breath, and your eyes set a gaze into the abyss of death’s unknown, you will think to yourself at the last, and maybe state to those around you as you pass, “What a waste I am. No, what a waste I was.”


Are you? What is your purpose?


Happiness is not a worthy purpose. Happiness is a result of choosing to yield to your purpose. Happiness is a reaction, not a purpose. Living life to produce a reaction is not a life lived for anything. Living life productively will produce the reaction. Therefore invest yourself in something other than yourself, and you will find the fulfillment you desired for yourself. But what is that purpose worthy of your expense, yielding such happiness?


You were made to love God. You cannot ever find your fulfillment on this planet until you yield yourself to its Maker. Stop running. Stop making excuses. You can distract yourself until that final breath if you so choose, but know this, until you obey His purpose, you will not fulfill yours. And until you fulfill it, you will search for fulfillment. First, you must know Him as your Saviour. There is no point to you until you decide to let Him forgive and cleanse you from the inside out. You can drink every drop of pleasure from this planet and keep yourself busy all you want, but you will not escape what you were made for. You were made for God. If you would like to know Him, let me show you how. Don’t be afraid to ask. Please.


But those who know Him, you were made for others. He forgave you so He can love others through you. Until you yield yourself to His purpose, you have no purpose. Suck back suburbia; if you so like, but you will never be full. Waste your days with trying if you want. Only remember the others you sacrificed for your wasting. Remember those you could have helped, had you fulfilled His purpose.


Purpose fills the chasm of your soul, my dear friend. Without it, without Him, we are but vain specks of dust, floating through emptiness on a bigger pile of dust. But with Him, (OH my SOUL, with Him!) is fullness of joy. He is worthy of us. God is the only worthy purpose.


“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” – Rom 8:28


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  1. Nana said...
    Great post Scott. With God everything has a purpose.


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