Sunday, November 15, 2009


Scott and I were sitting up late on Saturday night, after a long day with sick kids, and he was writing a blog. I was bored sitting here, so I decided to try and change the layout a bit so that I could make my pictures bigger. I saved the html coding, and tried out a new template. Little did I know, that even though the html saved the original “template” it DIDN’T save any of my widgets… (all of those buttons and pictures on the sides) Oops… most of which were saved on my old computer. Needless to say, that was slightly frustrating. So, as you can see… we’ve gone for a whole new look!


Please be patient over the next little while, if things randomly go missing, or links don’t work… I’m working on it! :)


I was going to save this picture for the inside of our Christmas cards, but I decided to go ahead and use it on the header…

kidsHIt will still be on the inside of the cards as well. :)

It makes me smile… Each one of their personalities is showing perfectly in this picture. I don’t mind that Jed is making a funny face… that’s Jeddy for ya!


More from our weekend of sick kids, surprise parties, and steaks, tomorrow night.




  1. I love your new layout!!! You should start a new business...another one. ;) The picture is awesome!! I hope everyone is feeling better!

  2. Beautiful Family! But my favorite is still the one with smashed noses on the glass door..:)!


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