Thursday, November 19, 2009


Well, it’s late. I’m tired… and I wasn’t going to blog today- but here I am!

Usually, I notice when I hit “100 posts” or “200 posts” or even “300posts”… but last night- I posted my 400th blog post! I can’t believe it’s been that long. I only started this blog, because I had funny stories about the kids that I didn’t want to forget, and so that I could share pictures with family and friends that I don’t see that often. Besides, I was horrible at the whole baby book thing! Keona has one filled out to 6 months… the triplets have about 2 pages of one, and Elijah’s still sits on my bookshelf with only his name written in it! At first it was like work, to make myself sit down and blog every night. But now- it has become a habit…and I LOVE it! I look forward to looking back on all of this with my kids some day.


So, here is to post #401!



No exciting pictures today… So much for Wordless Wednesday! I spent the day teaching, cleaning, and doing laundry. Inspite of the fact that it sounds incredibly mundane- I love my job! Wouldn’t trade it for anything.


I did however, work on my photography blog a bit this afternoon. If you are bored, or have a moment to spare… Check it out. With the help of my girls (I love having so many girls!) I think that I’ve decided on a layout.


I’m at the point now, where I start to feel “lost in it all” and really wish I had a business partner. I’m not good at making all of these decisions… I can’t even decide what colour to make the font! Nevermind what “.com” to buy, or my official “business name,” or what I need to have now, and what can wait… Scott always complains about my indecisiveness… but today- it was even driving me nuts! Crazy! I know…


Anyone want to go into business together? :)


Really, Scott and I make perfect partners. If he could just take a clear picture… I mean a single picture that wasn’t totally blurry… it would be a match made in heaven.


So I’m starting to have my doubts and fears, about all of this becoming “official” in the new year, and really investing myself into it come spring… Right now, I just need to pray for guidance. And someone to tell me what colour to make the dumb font!…

jed and ella copy



  1. you have a God given talent... you will do FANTASTIC! And no matter what colour fonts you choose... it ALWAYS looks amazing! So no worries !!!

  2. I agree Amanda! Jaclyn you have wonderful God-given talent and this whole blog is incredible and will continue to be and your "business" will also continue to be incredible!!

  3. I think the site looks great!

    As to font, idk. I guess you just need to decide what kind of mood or feeling you want to create when people visit and go from there. Are there certain other photog sites that you are drawn to? Maybe you can take some of their elements and incorporate them into yours. I really like (although i don't care for the font in her post titles- or that they are in italics). And I like how this site is light and bright: (although again, I don't care for the italics in the titles). :)

  4. Congrats on 401 awesome posts! I so enjoy your blog. God has given you some amazing talents to share with others. Love it!

  5. It's sooo much easier having a partner to bounce Idea's off of!! And challenge you artistially. But you'll do fine you have amazing talent.

    As for fonts, .coms etc. We're both indecisive people too. So we just hired a graphic designer for our new look in the new year:) that's my advice. Pay someone to do it for you. (find a student fresh out of college....they're cheap and eager!)

  6. do u want me as a business partner? ;)

  7. Me! Me! Pick Me!!! Oh wait...we live thousands of miles apart. :-( Oh well. :-P Aside...with a business partner or by yourself, you do an amazing job, Jaclyn! :-D


Who doesn't love a friendly comment!? :)


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