Monday, November 30, 2009

I heart tooshies

Yep… you heard read it right!


The theme for i heart faces this week is- tooshies!


This one kind of stumped me. I have lots of nude, baby tooshie shots… but I don’t make a habit out of taking pictures of peoples’ behinds… :)


Then, I remembered how my girls love to hip-check eachother.


I take full responsibility. I used to send my sister flying all the time with a good hip-check when she was least expecting it!

tush2 copy

The cutest, boniest, little tooshies around!





  1. Love it. I can almost feel the fun they are having too! Great job

  2. Oh this is adorable! I can see the laughter on their faces, and you can see the movement. Great job!

  3. Amazing photo! Love the colors!

  4. You know, I have been commenting like crazy today and have found some great photos ( and this is a GREAT photo) but yours is the first blog I have added to my RSS feed today. I love love LOVE your photography. What a lucky day for me!

  5. Adorably cute! And different than all the others I've seen so far! Great color, composition and cropping! Love it! You got me beat - winner for sure!

  6. Nana said...Wow great photo Jac. I like how you put them at the centre line on the road like they are in each others space. You are so creative.

    By the way I am not guessing who is who...I would have to go back to the boot blog to figure it out. I bet Robert would know :)

  7. that is one super awesome photo! it has "sister" written all over it!

    i am completely bummed that i did not get my pic ready in time for this week's challenge. *sigh* i have been so very tardy of late.

  8. OH! I LOVE it!!! I remember those days with my sisters, too ;-)

  9. Ha - Nana, I was thinking about the boots too! Great picture and no - I will not guess!


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