Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Monday!

I find that lately, I’m actually looking forward to Monday. Not that I don’t love the weekends- because I do! Just that I don’t dread Monday. I look forward to our weeks as well.


The night time coughing has ceased. (I’d knock on wood- but I’m not superstitious. At all…)

Laundry is almost caught up. (As caught up as it can be with 7 kids)

We’re waiting on one last call before we can start to fix up our basement. (and turn it into a girls’ dorm)

Hat orders are flowing in. (I’m going to have to teach Keona to crochet)

I’m booking photo shoots. (Like the engagement one from Saturday)


God is so good to us. We have been given SO much more than we deserve.


Like our little El for example…

ella1Who is seriously growing like a weed. And check out that head of hair!

It’s coming!!! :)

She has quite the pout as well. I’m told that she gets that from me…


I’m not so sure…


I was really looking forward to this week’s i heart faces theme- “Sunflare” but then I procrastinated… and have seen nothing but grey skies. No sun… :(


I did however, get to take pictures of my cousin, and her beautiful baby boy today!

meg and carsonI’ll post some more of him over on my photography blog. 


My sister spent the day with us, and I convinced her to start a blog. She has always been an awesome writer… and I can’t wait to help her get it all setup! I will be sure to blog about it when it’s up and running!


But now… I’m off to bed! As my boys will be up bright and early. Am I the only one who wakes up to a child standing silently at my bedside? Staring me right in the eyes when I wake up? Well, either that or… he’s downstairs attempting to open each box of crackers in the cupboard, with a pair of scissors, and eat every single last crumb before I catch him and he pleads for mercy while promising to never do it again…


As startling as it may be… I choose the bedside staring.




  1. Happy Thanksgiving to your beautiful family! We've been thinking of putting all girls together and then the boys, but not sure on that one. I'd love to see how that comes together. Glad business is good!Love your gift thru photography. God is so good all year long!

  2. aw sad about no entry this week . . . but i love these pictures - my daughter has that same plaid pea coat - I love it!

  3. wowzers, what gorgeous blue eyes they have!!!

    my boys are usually up before me. at least one of them is anyway. fortunately, they can make their own breakfast and have learned to be very very quiet. they know that as soon as i wake up, it is time to crack the whip and start school!


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