Thursday, November 5, 2009


I’m getting around to my weekend post…

I have yet to finish our Christmas card. I blame Scott. I say that alot, don’t I?

On Saturday, I left early in the morning for the photo shoot, of the adorable little baby from a previous post… Went home, got the kids ready, and headed over to my Mom’s house, to visit my grandpa for his 76th birthday.


The kids were pretty excited. Make that, extremely excited.

DSC_0493 copy

Grandpa was in this picture too, but he was blurry so I had to crop him out… we’ll have to try again!

They know that Grandma’s house, means snacks, and food, and candy, and cake, and more snacks…

 DSC_0475 DSC_0474

It was also, Kelsley’s 16th birthday…

DSC_0490 copy

I remember him at Ella’s age, with all of his Thomas the Tank engine toys.


The two birthday boys. And Robbie…. :)

Then we came home to find that our hot water tank had emptied all over our basement floor. Soaking our carpet in the playroom, book room (or “library” as the kids call it) and 2 walls, along with 2 bookcases…. Thankfully, it’s all covered under our insurance!

So on Sunday, we went to church in the morning and then headed out to Mississauga to visit my grandparents. Well, after I left the cell phone at home, got to my sister’s apartment to pick her up and realized there was no way to let her know we were there. Borrowed some random guy in the lobby’s cell phone to call her cell phone (cause her home phone is broken) but when I tried to text her, it kept turning “Jac” into “mac”… so feeling already awkward about borrowing his cell phone- I just left it and hoped she knew it was me… nope. She thought some freak was texting her, “ its mac im here.” So Going back out to my van, Elijah insists that he saw someone on a balcony with a gun. Keona says, “It was a woman, and I don’t think it was a real gun…” Freaked me out a bit- though not as much as the guy walking around on halloween night, dressed like a character from the Matrix, aiming his gun at cars passing by… Anyhow! Then I remember that Sarah had told me about a shooting at “the brown building” next to her, and Elijah must have overheard. He has a knack for imagining and embellishing things, after a story has scared him. So finally, after driving to a payphone, and attempting to feed it 25cents approximately 30 times- realizing that payphones now cost 50cents, and leaving her a message- we picked her up!

DSC_0513 copy

Doesn’t she look impressed that I’m taking her picture!? :)  Scott always says that I look like my Grandma Joy when I’m annoyed…

DSC_0508 copy

Both of my aunts, and my uncle were there- which is rare. Leroy threw my kids around, and hung them upside down… thankfully, there were no ceiling fans… ;)


We haven’t had a picture together in… maybe 15 years!

It was a blessing to get to see everyone.

DSC_0541 copy

Mama (my great-grandma) sat and cuddled with her grand, and great-great- grandkids.

And Sarah… I’m sorry …. but I had to share the picture that Charity took of you.


By the way, I LOVE my pink flatiron you got for me! Thanks again. :)


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